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CPC Central Committee and the State Council Appoint Tian Hongqi as President of Central South University

Date: June 7, 2017

News – On June 1, CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Education hold the general meeting of teachers and cadres in the lecture hall in the science and technology building, and announce the appointment and dismissal decision: Tian Hongqi will be president of Central South University; Zhang Yaoxue will no longer be president of Central South University.

More than 430 people in total attended the meeting, including Liu Housheng, the inspector and deputy president of Cadre Bureau Three of Central Organization Department, Zhu Zhiwen, a party member and the vice minister of the Ministry of Education, Wang Shaofeng, a member of the Standing Committee and the minister of the Organization Department, related comrades in charge of Central Organization Department, the Ministry of Education and the organization department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, university leadership, part of the academicians in the university, old leaders who have retired from the leading group recently, mid-level cadres, representatives of democratic parties, retired comrades, teachers and students. The meeting is hosted by Gao Wenbing, the secretary of the party committee.




Being appointed by the Central Organization Department, Liu Housheng announced the appointment and dismissal decision and made a speech. He pointed out that the decision is made out of full consideration by the Party Central Committee and the State Council in light of the overall construction of college leadership and the reality of Central South University. He spoke highly of the achievements by Comrade Zhang Yaoxue during the past five years as the president, introduced the basis information of Comrade Tian Hongqi, and expressed his expectation for development of Central South University.

Zhu Zhiwen highlighted the exploration and the achievements of Central South University in recent years in the field of higher education and the contributions of Comrade Zhang Yaoxue. “Comrade Zhang Yaoxue is politically conscious, concerns about the overall situation, responsible, zealous and experienced in university governance. In the past six years, Comrade Zhang Yaoxue had performed his duty conscientiously and had been keen on reform and innovation; together with the group members, he grasped each development opportunity, made his way to build a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, and pushed forward the development of Central South University in all aspects. He has done multiple effective works and won trust and recognition from teachers and students in the university. Comrade Tian Hongqi is of one heart and one mind with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in politics and familiar with university governance and the situation of Central South University. With her diligence, realistic style, good academic competence, strong leadership and organizational ability, honesty and self-discipline, we believe that she can coordinate with the group members to start a new chapter of Central South University”, Zhu Zhiwen said.

Zhu Zhiwen gave four suggestions on the current work of the university on behalf of the Organization Department of the Ministry of Education: First, be firmly socialism-oriented in school governance to seek development of Central South University in all aspects; second, accelerate the construction of “Double First-rate”, implementing the national decision of “Double First-rate” in reform and development of Central South University; third, promote the ability to serve economic society and build a first-class universities with Chinese characteristics in the world to fight for socialist modernization; fourth, focus on the construction of an upright leading group with strong cohesion and fighting power, enhance the four-consciousness, and implement the President Accountability System under the leadership of CCP.

Wang Shaofeng gave a speech on behalf of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and The People’s Government of Hunan Province. “Central South University has reformed and developed greatly, and has formed the foundation to be built into a world-famous distinctive research university in the five years since Comrade Zhang Yaoxue took office; Comrade Tian Hongqi is an excellent expert and leader cadre cultivated by Central South University. She has made great contributions to Central South University and embrace deep love for education, responsible and enterprising. We believe that this appointment and dismissal meeting is a new start for Central South University. We also hope that, the new leading group can adhere to the correct direction to obtain new achievements in terms of ideological and political work; can stick to the reality, and make new contributions in terms of promoting the “Double First-rate”; can concentrate on crucial points to show a new look in terms of group construction; can the enhance fundamental construction to make new contributions in terms of the normalization and institutionalization for the learning and education mode of “two-study and one-deed”, as well as the all-round promotion of the construction of CCP”, Wang Shaofeng said.





Zhang Yaoxue expressed his gratitude for the education and cultivation of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Ministry of Education, Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government over so many years, as well as the help, support and generosity of the coworkers, especially the leading group members, respectable teachers and lovely students of Central South University. “After five years’ work, I have better understanding of the culture and spirit of Central South University, and love the land more, the land against Mount Yuelu and facing Xiangjiang River”, he said. He said it is his faith that under the correct leadership of the Party Committee of Central South University, Central South University would be better; he gave his wishes that the students would be more diligent and braver to go through sufferings, and fight for the future of Chinese nation with their loyalty, persistence, commitment and cleanness.

The new president Tian Hongqi showed her deep feelings towards Central South University. “As a member of Central South University, I has studied, worked and lived here for almost 40 years, and I love this university deeply.”, she said, “From now on, I will learn more, constantly strengthen the political stance and run Central South University well rooting in the motherland; I will unite the directors, work hard, and run Central South University in coordination of teachers and students; I will be willing to accept supervision and will be self-disciplined and self-demanding. I will fight with the teachers and students in Central South University in the rapid development of higher education in China for new achievements and a bright future”, she added.

Gao Wenbing, on behalf of the university’s leading group and all the teachers and students, presented strong support for the decision of the Party Central Committee, and gratitude to the Party Central Committee and the State Council for the care for the construction of the leading group and the development of Central South University; he heartily thanked the president Zhang Yaoxue for his prominent contributions towards the reform and development of Central South University and showed his respect for the president Zhang Yaoxue; he said he would support Comrade Tian Hongqi for her performance of president duties with all strength. He made his commitment to the Central Organization Department, the Ministry of Education and Hunan Provincial Party Committee that the university’s leaderships would follow the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, comply with all the requirements of Central Organization Department, the Ministry of Education and Hunan Provincial Party Committee, take care of the overall situation, insist on uniting with others, working hard, and promote the university career continuously.


Attachment: profile of Tian Hongqi

Tian Hongqi, female, was born in December 1959 in Lushan of Henan province. She is a member of Revolutionary Committee and an expert in rail transit engineering technology. She graduated from Changsha Railway College in December 1981. In 1999, she received a doctorate on Chinese research and development center of aerodynamic force. In 2015, she was elected as the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. She used to work as the vice-president in Central South University. In June 2016, she served as the deputy president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and was a member of the 11th and 12th National Committee of CPPCC. 



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