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CSU and Oxford University Press Co-found English Journal

Date: December 25, 2018

On the morning of December 17, CSU President Tian Hongqi and CSU Vice President Chen Chunyang met with Mr. Rhodri Jackson, Editorial Director at Oxford University Press, and Mr. Zeng Yanzhang, Director at Oxford University Press, China, announcing that CSU and OUP would co-found the journal Transportation Safety and Environment (English). The two sides also exchanged views on the journal position, cooperation model, development strategy and future prospect.



Under the supervision of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Transportation Safety and Environment (English) is co-sponsored by CSU and China Railway Society and co-published by Central South University Press and Oxford University Press, with Tian Hongqi and Lu Chunfang, who are both academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, serving as the editors-in-chief. It has obtained special financial support from the International Influence Upgrading Plan for Chinese Academic Journals jointly implemented by six state authorities including China Association for Science and Technology. The journal will focus on the important scientific and technological progress in transportation safety, traffic environment and other relevant fields at home and abroad, and promote academic exchanges between China and other countries so as to advance the development of the subject of traffic and transportation in China and beyond.

Founded in 1478, Oxford University Press is the world’s largest university press and the most sought-after publishing house on the social media around the globe, with its revenue of over USD 1.1 billion in 2017. Out of its nearly 440 academic journals around the world, Q1 journals account for 53%, and the percentage will exceed 81% if Q2 journals are also taken into account. Oxford University Press, which stays committed to superior publishing quality, selects high-quality partners for academic cooperation around the world. Normally, it co-publishes only 1 new journal in China every year.

Owing to CSU’s strengths, characteristics and international reputation in its traffic and transportation discipline, CSU’s proposal for the establishment of Transportation Safety and Environment (English) have passed the global expert review organized by Oxford University Press and the quality evaluation by the Academic Board of Oxford University. At present, such preparatory works as production process, website building, contribution and review platform and cover design have been completed, setting the stage for its official publishing in early 2019. This is also the first professional English journal sponsored by CSU.

Officials from relevant units like the School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering and CSU Press also attended the meeting.



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