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Commencement Ceremony for 2019 Graduates Held by Central South University

Date: June 21, 2019

“A broad mind and hard work takes you farther”. On the morning of June 18, 2019, the commencement ceremony of Central South University was grandly held at the stadium of the new campus. Tian Hongqi, President of the university, made an affectionate speech to 13,193 graduates. She urged graduates to live up to the responsibilities of the times, to set their sights high, to integrate themselves into society and to achieve great things through actions.

Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering He Jishan and Huang Boyun, university leaders Tian Hongqi, Tao Lijian, Hu Yuehua, Wu Haiquan, Zhou Kechao, Zhu Xuehong, Chen Xiang, Guo Xueyi and Huang Jianling, leaders of schools, relevant functional departments, representatives of university staff and graduates' relatives and friends were brought together to see off the 2019 graduates who would embark on a new journey. Wu Shaohui, General Manager of China ENFI Engineering Co., Ltd. and alumni of class 1990, and Professor Luigi Agrofoglio from University of Orleans also attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Hu Yuehua, Deputy Vice President of Central South University.


Tao Lijian, Deputy Vice chair of CSU read the university’s decision on honoring outstanding graduates of Central South University. Among them, 1,717 graduates were awarded "2019 Outstanding Graduates of Central South University", 135 awarded the title of “2019 Excellent Graduates of Central South University for Volunteer Service at Grass-roots Level, and 62 awarded the title of “2019 Excellent Graduates of Central South University for Voluntarily Supporting National Defense. The honorary certificates were presented to winners by academicians and university leaders.

Zhu Xuehong, Vice President of the university read the decision of Academic Degree Assessment Committee of Central South University: there are 8,219 bachelors, 4,357 masters and 617 doctorates. The honorary certificates were presented to graduate representatives by academicians and university leaders who turned the tassel of their caps to the left and took photos with the graduate representatives.


Wang Chenyu, the representative of undergraduate students, and Guo Yijing, that of graduate students, spoke successively, thanking the CSU for its cultivation and paying tribute to the teachers. Wang Chenyu recalled his every growth in the university, and was glad to have chosen Central South University four years ago and found his future here. He said, professors teach classes and students put knowledge learned from classes into practice here under the guidance of the university motto of "unity of knowing and doing, application of knowledge to serving the country". Here, every student has enriched their knowledge and experience by leaps and bounds. Guo Yijing thanked loudly the university where he had spent more than 3,000 days and nights, for giving him the opportunity to broaden his horizon, gain insight, cultivate his character and gain friendship. He said that no matter where he will be, he will always bear in mind the mission of the people of the university and be proud of the dedication and achievement made by the people of the university in every part of the country.


What's past is prologue. Li Zhou, the representative of the teachers, expressed congratulations and expectations to the graduates, encouraging them to carry forward the tradition of Central South University, and to be persons with ideal, sound preparation and positive attitude. He urged the graduates to connect their ideals with the destiny of the Chinese nation. He also encouraged them to continue learning all their lives, adapt to the rapid development of the times, and respect, appreciate, understand others and learn from setbacks, stay calm and enjoy life. “"Central South University will always keep your stories, and will always cheer you up!"

In face of graduates who were about to start their careers and realize their dreams, Wu Shaohui recalled his own experience, wishing every graduate to firm up their ideals and be a learned youth without confusion. He urged them to be responsible and honest persons. He hoped them to be dare to innovate and become industrious persons remaining true to their aspirations. He also encouraged young students to discover value and harvest happiness in plain life, and to dare to have, pursue and fulfill their dreams under whatever circumstances.


In his inspirational speech, Professor Luigi Agrofoglio told graduates that by the time they receive their degrees from Central South University, they are already capable of solving problems facing humanity in certain fields. He wished graduates to keep their curiosity, dreams, confidence and enthusiasm into the next stage of life, and turn new challenges into opportunities. By doing so, the door of success will always be open for them.

In her affectionate farewell speech entitled "A Broad Mind Will Take You Farther”, Tian Hongqi said goodbye to the graduates with sincere wishes.

Zhang Jiaxiong, an important member of the team who published a paper onScience, Jiang Zhenhua, who led the team to complete the special test of the Nanjiang Railway, Ge Peng, who published papers with more than 200 impact factors, Chen Yongjian, who rescued a fainting patient on the road, "Other Side of Mountain" volunteer teaching team that lighted up the dream of children living in the mountainous area and won the gold medal of theCentral Committee of the Communist Youth League of China; football team, basketball team, volleyball team and badminton team which advanced to top four at corresponding university associations; the dragon and lion dance team that won the national crown for 12 consecutive years… These glorious names sparked a wave of warm applause and cheers. From scientific research to volunteering to sports events, Tian Hongqi has counted the glory of the graduates one by one. She described each student’s name as a graceful note of the movement of Central South University. She said that every step of their growth will enrich the history of Central South University and each of their achievements will become a solid support for building the university.

“Only those with a broad mind can plan big things. Only those with the ability to integrate themselves into the surroundings can undertake big tasks. Only those working hard can make big things happen.” Tian Hongqi encouraged graduates to be ambitious and responsible persons. She inspired the students to strive for progress, to surpass the limits, and to make great achievements in the hard work!

“Today, the baton of history has been passed on to you.” In the rhythmic drumbeats and loud cheers, Tian Hongqi appealed to the graduates who are about to embark on a new journey of life to carry forward the university’s spirit of serving the motherland, maintain the university’s essence of working in earnest, and pass on the university’s power of pursuing excellence.

After the ceremony, the university leaders took photos with the graduates of each school.



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