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Excellent Results Achieved by CSU in the Fifth

Date: August 27, 2015

On August 14-16, the Fifth “Huawei Cup” Intelligence Design Competition for Chinese College Students was held at Zhongshan University, in which more than 290 teams from 54 colleges and universities nationwide participated. Such two teams as “AI Wind” and “Arctic Penguin” won the national first prize respectively with “WI Ring---Space Motion Recognition Intelligence Ring” and “Interactive Drum Robot Based on Wearable Computing”. "Back light” won the national second prize with "Self-balancing Robot”, and a number of teams won the third prize.

"AI Wind” is composed of Sun Qinbo, Nie Yukun and Ji Weihua from Intelligence Class 1302 of Information School, whose works---Space Motion Recognition Intelligence Ring, rely on gestures 9-axis sensing components to identify the users’ gesture instructions to complete the process of human-computer interaction, and can be applied to such aspects as gesture dialing, SMS and teaching. Interactive Drum Robot Based on Wearable Computing, completed by Ji Yunzhe, Zhang Yu and Guo Qianyu from Intelligence Class 1301 of Information School, completes information collection of human action using wearable computing, controls the robot to simulate drum percussion through micro computer processing, and accomplishes such various functions as play, playback, fitness, games and teaching by using a mobile phone app to participate in the control. These two works stand out in the competition with unique creative perspectives and complete design ideas.


Intelligence technology is the forefront focus of the current development of science and technology. Cognitive computing and deep computing play a more and more significant role in life. “Huawei Cup” Intelligence Design Competition for Chinese College Students, sponsored by the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, is designed to provide college students with a broad platform for exchange, development and competition, to cultivate students’ spirit of innovation and teamwork, and to train students’ abilities to analyze and solve problems with intelligence   technology.

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