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“Finding the Role Models Around” the Results of the 19th

Date: December 24, 2018

On December 21st, “Finding the Role Models Around” – The 19th “Top Ten University Students” Selection Conference and Awarding Ceremony of Beijing Normal University was held in the Yingdong Academic Hall. The relevant departments of the BNU, the comrades in charge of the party and administration, and the student representatives of the schools and departments formed the current jury. More than 200 students from various schools and departments observed the selection meeting.


At the meeting, 20 candidates who were finalists gave speeches around the theme of "My University". With calm attitude and high-spirited appearance, they showed their rich & colorful and progressive university life, and seriously answered the questions of judges and teachers. Among them, there are not only new scientific researchers who combine theory with practice, but also future teachers who are full of the feelings of helping the world; explorers in the data world, but also electronic dreamers who want to change the world with technology; pioneers who are full of the background of teachers and universities, but also pioneers of science popularization with down-to-earth footing; explorers of artificial intelligence, as well as practitioners of environmental protection and public welfare. Finally, after the vote of the evaluation committee, Chuji Qun from Department of Mathematics Science, Lu Xinshan from Department of Education, Zhang Jianqi from School of Information Science and Technology, Lu Cheqiu from Department of Astronomy, Zhang Ruichao from School of Government Management, Zheng Yinan from School of History, Jia Guihao from Department of Physics, Cheng Kailin from Faculty of Psychology, Yu Hongyong from School of Geographic Science and Lu Huan from School of Life Sciences, won the honorary title of "Top 10 College Students" in the 19th session of Beijing Normal University; Cheng Kailin from Department of Psychology, Zhang Ruichao from School of Government Management, Jiang Zhengbang from School of Arts and Media, won the honorary title of "Most Popular Award" of the Nineteenth "Top Ten University Students" Selection Activity Network of Beijing Normal University. In the warm applause on the spot, the guest judges awarded prizes to the winners and the nominees.



The selection of "Top Ten University Students" upholds the idea of setting up advanced models and giving full play to the role of role models. It aims to stimulate the enterprising spirit of students, promote their all-round development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, beauty and labor, and train more innovative, compound and applied new people for the society. Since 2000, 190 students have won the "Top Ten University Students" award. On them, they embody the diligent attitude of excellent students, the spirit of pioneering and innovative knowledge, and the feelings of the family for the country and the people. At the same time, they show the unique temperament of the students of our university in respect of morality, education, erudition, and sincere, open-minded and intense ambition. They have won the general praise of teachers, students and all folks of life in the society.



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