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“GLOBAL SUFE” Summer Camp Held

Date: July 27, 2018

Nearly 30 outstanding students from more than 10 world-class universities, such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Florida, the University of Cologne and Singapore Management University, came to SUFE to join us for a wonderful Global SUFE Summer Camp. The summer camp kicked off on July 1st and lasted for 3 weeks. It not only allowed the foreign students to experience learning and living in China, but also introduced the Chinese experience, knowledge and stories to the world through SUFE specialized English courses.

Based on the “GLOBAL SUFE” strategy



By bringing teachers and students from world-class universities into SUFE, the summer camp introduced SUFE’s philosophy, subject characteristics and campus culture. This was done through various class experiences and the sharing of thoughts and measures on international development, which will improve SUFE’s reputation as well as act as a window from SUFE to the world. 


The innovative “top teachers + interaction” class


Relying on the superior educational resources in the fields of finance and economics, SUFE selected overseas returnee teachers from relevant schools to design the courses. The courses contain two characteristic modules of Chinese Culture and Local Market Business Training, which were immersive, innovative, interesting and practical. The summer camp aims to help students gain professional knowledge, broaden vision and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and economic development.

Constructing of the two-way international communication platform


“GLOBAL SUFE”is a program to focus on taking the SUFE campus as the carrier to establish an international joint class and increase the interaction and communication between Chinese and foreign students. In order to help international students better understand Chinese customs and habits, more than 60 outstanding SUFE students good in English with rich overseas learning background, were selected as the study buddies to provide all-round assistance for international students in their study and life in China. International students were able to learn more about SUFE through the courses and SUFE students broadened their horizons and improved their intercultural communication.


The diversified activities of cultural communication


The volunteer team organized a series of activities with the theme of “GLOBAL SUFE”, such as a welcoming ceremony, paper cutting and calligraphy, “Dumpling Making”, “Treasure Hunting in SUFE Library”, “Night at the SUFE Museum” and more. The summer camp also launched a new creative visit modules with the theme of “ City + Culture” jointly participated in by volunteers and overseas students.



“Global SUFE” Summer Camp has written a new chapter on the friendship between Chinese and foreign students. It is a journey of learning, culture and friendship. The overseas students expressed that what they have gained was not only the improvement of language ability and professional skills, but also a new experience of learning and living in China as well as a more comprehensive understanding of local culture.



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