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"One Belt One Road" and Youth Growth forum for ECNU students Held

Date: May 1, 2019

30 April, the One Belt One Road and Youth Growth forum was held to be a platform for ECNU’s Chinese and international students. Students from five countries along the One Belt One Road also launched a cross-cultural dialogue on economic development with other Chinese students.


The One Belt One Road and Youth Growth forum is held at ECNU.


Paulina, an international student from Russia, introduced her hometown St. Petersburg in fluent Chinese: The university of St. Petersburg is located in the scientific capital of Russia. As we all know, Mendeleev, Turgenev all graduated from this university. 


Paulina introduces her hometown St. Petersburg.


Born into a family of five, Pearl Wang from Kyrgyzstan has always dreamed of coming to China for academic exchange. The beautiful Kyrgyzstan is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, she said.


Pearl Wang delivers her speech at the forum.


"The reason I decided to come to China to study was because I had a Shanghai-brand TV set when I was growing up." Speaking about his understanding on the One Belt One Road economic development strategy, Bai Long, also a native of Kyrgyzstan, believes that this strategy has brought Kyrgyzstan into the road to the future. He also added that a variety of infrastructure projects would bring more opportunities for local economic development.


Bai Long,  a student from Kyrgyzstan, speaks at the forum.


Ole, from Belarus, also said that the China Belarus Industrial Park established under the background of One Belt One Road is the product of close cooperation and mutual benefits between the two countries. Like ‘Chinese fever’, ‘One Belt One Road’ and other words, though seemingly abstract, indeed are not abstract concepts for the people of Belarus. These words have been integrated into people's daily lives in which ‘One Belt One Road’ has proved its authenticity as a ‘road of opportunity’ ”.


Ole, from Belarus expresses her opinions at the forum.


The construction of One Belt One Road is inseparable from the enthusiastic participation and in-depth understanding represented by youth from all countries. I gave up the chance to become a pilot and came to China to learn Chinese language,” said Ye Dawei, of Thailand. Dawei shared his experiences in China whereupon he hopes to become a communicator for improving Thai-Chinese relations to enhance mutual understanding and cultural ties for the two countries.


Ye Dawei, of Thailand, shares his experiences in China.


Huan Huan, from Mongolia, told us about the coincidence of her learning Chinese as a child. “Through learning,” she said, I have fallen in love with the Chinese language and culture. I hope to become an excellent Chinese language teacher one day.


Huan Huan, from Mongolia, speaks at the forum.


Teachers and students at the forum.



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