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Professor Wang Honghong from Central South University Elected as Fellow of American Academy of Nursing

Date: June 10, 2019

American Academy of Nursing officially published the list of newly-added fellows, 2019 recently. Professor Wang Honghong from Xiang Ya Nursing School of Central South University was elected as the Fellow of American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) as an award to her outstanding contribution to the AIDS prevention, treatment and nursing as well as nursing education.

Founded in 1979, American Academy of Nursing is aimed at attracting global talents to lead the development of nursing, participate into the formulation and implementation of health care policies and apply nursing knowledge to promote human health. Currently, there are more than 2,700 fellows in the world – including administrative staffs from hospitals and governments, clinical caring experts and scientific research personnel with remarkable achievements in nursing education, management, practice, research and policymaking. Being elected as FAAN is one of the top honors in American and even global nursing field. Up to 2019, there are less than 10 persons with title of FAAN in Chinese Mainland.



Professor Wang Honghong, who is mainly engaged in the research of AIDS integrated control strategies, including the undergraduate AIDS prevention, the family visit and nursing intervention for medication compliance of HIV infected people, and the comprehensive intervention to discrimination within family of HIV infected people, has been funded by Chia Fellowship of Yale-China Association, ICOHRTA Program of Yale University and China Medical Board, etc.. She has visited and studied in Yale University and University of Washington for many times, supervised the publication of textbooks including bilingual Basic Nursing by People’s Medical Publishing House and Nursing Research by Central South University and Hunan Science and Technology Press, undertaken 10 scientific research tasks, including 4 American NIH tasks and 6 provincial and university-level tasks, published more than 40 academic papers in SCI journals and more than 60 papers in other core journals. She has been entitled as Most Cited Chinese Researcher by Elsevier for consecutive 5 years from 2014 to 2018 and awarded of “2019 Global Outstanding Nurse” by Nurses With Global Impact. Professor Wang Honghong will attend the annual international meeting of American Academy of Nursing held in Washington, America in October, 2019 and accept the award of FAAN.



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