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“Wind Rises from the Sea” Exhibits in Beijing

Date: May 23, 2019

18 May, an exhibition to feature artworks by teachers of East China Normal University's fine arts college opened at Beijing's Times Art Museum.

This exhibition, called “Wind Rises from the Sea”, is the largest produced teachers’ work of the East China Normal University Fine Arts College in recent years. Divided into four sections - “Wind”, “Rises”, “Sea” and “Above” - the exhibition showcased nearly 150 works of 42 teachers of all ages.

The works covered oil paintings, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, installation, new media, and more, over a time span as long as 40 years.


“Wind Rises from the Sea” exhibits in Beijing.









The Exhibition.

















Display of works.


The opening ceremony.


The exhibition “Wind Rises from the Sea” explores the unknown of the future through exploration and practice by teachers of the Fine Arts College, with a strong desire for innovation on ideals of the future.  

It is also deeply rooted in a strong sense of culture, from which it gains strength and resources constituting an invisible but perceptible, spiritual logic. It is also these free and open expressions that allow audiences to intuitively feel their independence, innovation and individualism.



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