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XMU and CCB Put Heads Together to Envision Global Competition in the Offing

Date: April 21, 2018


On the morning of April 17, Deng Zhaohui, member of the Standing Committee of XMU Party Committee, met with Xiao Chunhui, vice president of the Xiamen Branch of China Construction Bank (CCB), and his delegation. Both sides had a discussion on how to proceed with the preparatory work and kick-start their team work with regard to the 4th China Collegiate Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter, the Competition).


Wang Yibing, general manager of the business division of the Xiamen Branch of CCB, gave a report providing the specific procedures of the coming competition and made further explanation on such key points regarding the lead-up to the event including pre-competition highlights, publicity pertaining to the Competition, marketing services, product publicity, support and security, project cooperation and logistical support during the Competition.


Xiao Chunhui indicated that, as a sponsor of the Competition, CCB attaches great importance to this event, wishes to take the occasion to deepen cooperation with Xiamen University and deliver with success an extraordinary global event on innovation and entrepreneurship. He also expressed the hope to achieve a better team synergy between XMU and CCB, materialize the promotional features of the Competition of this year such as “Marine Silk Road”, “Taiwan Straits” and “Marine Culture”, and build a  bridge between college students’ innovations and the social investment in a bid to better serve the “One Belt and One Road” initiative and assist in "precision" poverty relief.


On behalf of XMU and the organizing committee of the Competition, Deng Zhaohui expressed thanks for CCB’s support. She briefed the visiting delegation on the preparations XMU has made so far for the coming event. She noted that the preliminary work of the “Red  Journey toward Dream-building” has been fulfilled. The next phase of work facing XMU is to get ready across the board, work out the details of the preparatory work and team up  with CCB, translate commitment into concrete action. Deng hoped to enhance communication and interaction with CCB, promote the integration of students, society and financial institutions in a joint effort to build a platform for the grand global event on innovation and entrepreneurship in the offing.


Attending the meeting on the part of XMU were the heads of relevant offices and units including the Finance Department, Youth League Committee, School Office, Office of Academic Affairs and Education Development Foundation.



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