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100 Regiments in One Battle--Choose Your Favorite Club!

Date: November 2, 2018

The annual orientation festival of student associations "100 Regiments in One Battle" started last Sunday in Confucius Square and the north square of West Main Building of Communication University of China (CUC). All student associations of CUC will take part in six rounds of battle to compete for the top. The first round of the tournament ,100 Regiments in One Battle, marked the beginning of the six rounds of wonderful performance.

There are 66 clubs to choose from this year, including categories; Academic and Science Technology, Culture and Arts, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Culture and Sports, Volunteering and Politics. The members of the clubs distributed leaflets to introduce their clubs and answered the questions raised by the freshmen patiently. All registered student associations in CUC endeavored to attract the students with various performances.


The Password Street Dance Club performs (photo by: Students' Association Union)


Music, movements, excitement….The members of the Password Street Dance Club came together through the passion of street dancing. The fascinating performance in the square received rounds of warm applause. “We wish to provide the venues for students who love dancing,” said a member of the club.



The Guitar Club (photo by: Students' Association Union)


"Our members are students who are really crazy about music, especially those who play the guitar," said the head of Guitar Club. An attractive gig was being presented by the Guitar Club near the West Main Building. The way of giving a presentation did help them recruit a lot of new members. We can see that the team of guitar players is getting stronger and stronger as the melodies lingering around our ears.


The Taekwondo Club (photo by: Students' Association Union)


"Zero-basis learners are accepted!" After the members of the Taekwondo Club finished their presentation, their tent was crowded with motivated people asking whether they could join the club even though they had never tried this sport. However, the head of the club said that basically they wouldn’t turn anyone down.

Nowadays, an increasing number of girls are picking up Taekwondo as a skill to keep fit and to protect themselves. "It’s impossible that I can always rely on other people when I’m in danger. I need to learn how to save myself," said a girl who just signed up for the club. The girls who shared the same kind of feelings also showed great interest in joining the Taekwondo Club.


The TRY Animation Club (photo by: Students' Association Union)


Anime characters in real life! Members of the TRY Animation Club dressed themselves as characters of their favorite anime, widely known as cosplay -- one of the sub cultures in the animation world. "We not only find companions to talk about anime, but also discover the lifestyle we’re willing to follow," said the club member.


 The Chess Club (photo by: Students' Association Union)


Go, Chinese chess, International chess, five-in-a-row.... These kinds of games are all involved in the Chess Club. The games always make great demands on the technical skills and new strategies. "We feel lucky to have professional teachers to instruct us how to play chess well. It can be really addictive if people discover its charm inside," said the members of the club.


 Student doing calligraphy writing (photo by: Students' Association Union)


The Painting and Calligraphy Club also attracted much attention with the vigorous and forceful Chinese calligraphy. The club aims at encouraging the appreciation of painting and calligraphy, maintaining and carrying forward Chinese culture.


 A member of Model United Nations (MUN) Club talking about recruiting new members (photo by: Xu Shengnan)


This year, the Model United Nations (MUN) Club had taken full advantage of the source of the Internet like WeChat to draw attention, trying to recruit more members. A member of the MUN Club said, "Our club is more attracted to students who are interested in social contact and debating." He further said, "In fact, there is also a certain number of international students signing up for our club. The different culture always gives us some interesting inspirations which we value a lot." He hoped that everyone in the MUN Club got the chances to demonstrate and challenge themselves.


The freshmen were so intrigued and eager to find an association with like-minded people. Everyone was enjoying the recruitment activity.





Esteban, from Costa Rica, said that this event was a great chance to know more about the association that everyone was interested in. "I’m thinking of involving more in the clubs, since I don’t have many classes this semester."



Qui Xiao Shi, freshman from Malaysia, signed up for the Tennis Club, Kunqu Opera Society and Dubbing Society. Qui did not make up her mind to join any societies until today. She was so surprised by the variety of the clubs available, some of which she never heard before she entered CUC.



"I’m here because I saw photos and videos posted on WeChat and decided to find out more," said Eduardo, a student from the United States. Eduardo has been a member of Taekwondo Club since the past one year, and this year he finds himself more interested in game design and animation. “It's a very nice event, it's fun and you can find out a lot of information here," said Eduardo.

Ranging from everything like a dancing club, virtual reality, International Exchange, literature and roller skating, the associations recruitment on campus -- "100 Regiments in One Battle” assured whatever students in CUC are intrigued in, there’s a society for it.

The first round of the tournament had come to an end. Now it's time to look forward to the second round, Associations Glow in the Rhyme of Autumn, which is known to be the first school-level party for freshmen. The party starts on November 9 and it will provide a stage for all associations in CUC to perform and show their identities. By then, everyone can have a deeper understanding of features of different associations.



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