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7 Inventions of SCUT Earn China Patent Awards

Date: December 25, 2018


Seven technological inventions of SCUT won prizes of the 20th China Patent Awards, setting a new record for SCUT and putting SCUT at the No. 1 place among all institutions of higher learning in China.

This year’s China Patent Awards were announced by the National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) recently. Totally 79 technological inventions developed or co-developed by institutions of higher learning were awarded, with SCUT taking two Silver Awards and five Merit Awards.

Among them, five applications were jointly filed by SCUT and enterprise partners, showing strong efforts of the university to work with enterprises, and thus to combine development of technological patents with market needs and industry.

SCUT’s Silver Award winner, “A dynamic reactive power compensation device and its control method for centralized multi-infeed DC systems”, was the result of a program co-developed with the China Southern Power Grid (CSG).

The patent was designed to improve the operation reliability and reduce the workload of operating maintenance in certain power grids. It does not need to adopt water-cooled equipment, and remarkably lower the construction cost for dynamic reactive power compensation.

It has been delivered to use in power grids built by the CSG as a key measure to ensure China's 'West to East' Electricity Transmission Project. Up to the end of 2017, it had created additional sales of more than 500 million yuan for enterprise users.

The other Silver Award winner of SCUT was “An optimized method for chemical fertilizer wastewater treatment”, a technological breakthrough made together by SCUT and Hubei Yihua Group.

The patent provides a novel method of biochemical treatment, after which the wastewater of fertilizer production is recycled to a circulating water system of a factory, presenting a remarkable recycling rate higher than 85 percent.

Techniques based on this method, after being used in a few large fertilizer manufacturing companies in China, have proved that it can significantly reduce the level of pollution and improve the environment, while saving over 250 million cost for these companies.

Except for the above two accomplishments, SCUT also had five patents winning Merit Awards, which were inventions concerning lignin-based pesticide, LED, medical power supply, food engineering, and aluminum-based composite material.

Since the China Patent Awards applied new measures of judgement in 2009, SCUT has been listed as the first assignee of 29 awarded patents. It is the highest record among all institutions of higher learning around the country.


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