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7th University Student Innovation Forum Held at RUC

Date: May 25, 2018

On the morning of May 13, the 7th Undergraduate Innovation Forum of Renmin University of China was held on the first floor of public education. RUC Vice President HONG Dayong attended the opening ceremony and awarded honorary certificates to the Undergraduate Innovation Experiments Program and the Undergraduate Research Fund 2016 Outstanding Project Representatives and the 2017 Renmin University Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award-winning teacher. The opening ceremony of the forum was hosted by Director of the Academic Affairs Office LONG Yonghong.

Associate Professor HU Tianlong of the RUC School of Finance, from a cross-disciplinary perspective, proposed that students carry out project research, and in particular focus on four topics: first, focus on specificity; second, pay attention to concentration; third, highlight originality; It is necessary to reflect the mission and the spirit of the university students through the implementation of innovative plans. The goal of pursuing innovation in the research process requires an unusual perspective on issues, new methods and ideas to analyze problems, and understanding innovation with a correct attitude and approach. In the methodology of innovation, we need to be good at borrowing, learning to forget, and continuous learning.

Prof. ZHANG Wei from the department of physics, starting from developing confidence and courage in discipline research, told the students that innovation is not a complete negation of the research of predecessors’ but a new perspective on the world. In the course of project research, it is inevitable that there will be doubts about the future and results of project research. It will inevitably lead to bottleneck problem and make the research impossible. To this end, students need to establish their own confidence and courage in selecting topics and research, finding solutions, and seeking help in a timely manner. As long as you do a project, you will have different results.

Student representatives ZHENG Yue and LIU Lei gave speeches on the experiences and experiences of their respective project team studies. The two students shared the difficulties encountered in the project team’s research, the results achieved, and the research methods and experiences they had.



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