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A Delegation from TTU Visited SMU

Date: November 24, 2017

SMU News, Jul. 2nd A delegation, headed by Prof. Lindquist, President of College of Arts & Sciences, Texas Tech University (TTU), visited SMU on the morning of June 27th. Li Gengnian, assistant to the president, met with the delegation at the conference room of Foreign Students’ Building on Wuhou campus, along with related faculties from Student Affairs Office, Student Enrollment and Employment Office, Graduate School and Office of Teaching Affairs.

Li Gengnian, on behalf of 56 ethnic groups and over 30,000 teachers and students in SMU, extended a warm welcome to the delegation as well as made a brief introduction of SMU's general situation and its international cooperation and exchanges in recent years. At the meeting, both parties had a wide discussion on scientific research, faculties, and cooperation of student cultivation. After the meeting, the delegation led by Prof. Lindquist visited National Museum on the Wuhou campus.

The establishment of a cooperation platform with TTU has pushed SMU's project foreign experts to a new high, provided more opportunities and choices for SMU's teachers and students to study and make exchanges abroad, thus promoting SMU's international education cooperation in a wider field.



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