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A Friendly Volleyball Match Between Daito Bunka University & SDU

Date: March 14, 2011

From March 8th to 10th, the women's volleyball team of Daito Bunka University(DBU) along with a few delegation members visited SDU and had a friendly match.

In the opening ceremony of the volleyball match, Prof. Tong Guangwu, Director of the International Office, welcomed the delegation and expressed his wish tobroaden communication fields between the two universities. Prof. Zhang Ruilin, Dean of the SDU School of Physical Education, and Prof. Suzuki Akira, Coach of the DBU women's volleyball team, delivered their opening remarks respetively. Both expressed their willingness to enhance the competence of their teams and to broaden communication and cooperation on other aspects between the two universities.

SDU and DBU signed a cooperation agreement in 2000. Since then the two universities have conducted fruitful exchanges in joint educational programs and scientitic research, and have also co-sponsored international conferences.

The women's volleyball teams of Daito Bunka University (left) and Shandong University

DBU women's volleyball team (back) and SDU women's volleyball team (front) pose with representatives from both universities.



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