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A New Landmark Along Liwa River - The ECNU Book Bar

Date: May 26, 2019

First-rate universities need first-class reading spaces. Following the opening of the 24-hour reading room at the publishing house and Daxia Bookstore, another “light of reading” illuminated on the banks of the Liwa River as the ECNU Campus Book Bar was inaugurated at the campus on May 25.


ECNU Campus Book Bar is inaugurated.



Multifunctional public cultural space.


An embodiment of campus architecture aesthetics, the bar is located on the east bank of the Liwa River, adjacent to the ECNU Library in the center of the campus. After a renovation fund set up by Xuhui Group, the old textbook warehouse wasb turned into multifunctional public cultural space, established for the use of public reading, social activities and cultural salons.

A naming collection of the book bar and the Liwa River Landscape Pavilion was launched in which further details have yet to be announced.


Outlook of ECNU Campus Book Bar.


Designed by well-known architect Song Zhaoqing, the book bar adheres to the most advanced concept of building protection and renewal. While maintaining the main structure of the old building, the bar blends with the surrounding neighborhood, featuring the use of red bricks for facade and indoor furnishing. The use of different brick sizes and masonry techniques, supplemented by industrial-style folding steel frame and transparent glass bricks, helps to introduce diversity to the architecture, providing a new place for anyone in need of a break.







The bar is divided into different sections with their own distinctive functions, with the reception counter as the center. The black strip steel tubes and customized lamps decorate the ceilings and stylish upholstery adorns different reading sections.




Reshaping of the surrounding environment.


In addition, the bar's landscape was adapted to the surrounding environment and the space around the building has been reshaped. For example, the former structure of the Liwa River Landscape Pavilion was preserved to the utmost extent during renovation and a sculpture named Boat of History was laid down as its base resembling a lamp floating above the river; its symbolizes hope and the glorious history of ECNU.



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