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About CUCAS Coupon Code(For Self-financed Programs)

Date: April 20, 2019

Summary: Coupon Code, Free Application , Free study in China

What is the CUCAS Coupon Code?

CUCAS Coupon code means one specified code published by CUCAS during some special days, which is used to reduce some fees when international students applying their programs through CUCAS platform. Each Coupon Code has its deadline, usage count and suitable programs.

Where can I find the Coupon Code?

Coupon code will be published in CUCAS homepage or through newsletter, facebook before every activity starts. CUCAS registered users please pay attention to CUCAS website homage, newsletter and facebook.

Also you can check this link for CUCAS coupon code

How to Use the Coupon Code?

Through PC

  • Step 1: Got the Coupon Code
  • Step 2: Log in your account ,find your ideal program and click the “Apply Now” button , and enter into the application page
  • Step 3: Fill your application materials 
  • Step 4: Enter the Coupon Code in the payment step and click"use it"(as below picture shows), then the total fee will be changed by system automatically

Through Mobilephone

  • Step1: Got the Coupon Code
  • Step 2: Log in your CUCAS account and Find your ideal program then click the button of “Quick Apply”
  • Step 3: Check the program introduction and input the code in the page bottom (Example as below picture shows) then you will get the discount.

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