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Academician Huang Naizheng from Chinese University of Hong Kong Was Employed by Southeast University As Part-time Professor and Delivered Lecture for Exchanges with Students

Date: April 29, 2019


Mr. Huang Naizheng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of New Asia College of Chinese University of Hong Kong was invited to visit Southeast University on April 25, employed by Southeast University as part-time professor and communicated with students from Chien-shiung Wu College. President Zhang Guangjun met with the delegation led by Academician Huang Naizheng, accompanied by principals from the Personnel Department, the Student’s Affairs Office, School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, and Chien-shiung Wu College, etc..

President Zhang Guangjun expressed his welcome and gratitude to Academician Huang Naizheng for his visit, issued the Letter of Appointment of Part-time Professor and wore the school badge for Academician Huang. President Zhang briefly introduced the school’s status quo in terms of the cultivation of leading talents, layout of first-class disciplines and scientific research, especially the construction of the innovation circle in Nanjing surrounding Southeast University, etc.. He sincerely expected that Academician Huang could provide guidance and support in respect of the exploration of the collegiate system, industry-university-research cooperation in the fields of biomedical and chemical engineering, etc.; besides, President Zhang also expressed his vision of follow-up cooperation.



Academician Huang Naizheng, in his speech, applauded the long history, profound foundation and school-running of Southeast University, and agreed with President Zhang's ideas and proposals. He expressed that he would actively cooperate and make due contributions to Southeast University in talent cultivation and scientific researches after his employment as an associate professor of Southeast University.



After the appointment ceremony, the delegation of Academician Huang Naizheng visited Chien-shiung Wu College of Southeast University and participated in the “Tutor Exchange Time” at Chien-shiung Wu College. They conducted face-to-face exchanges with student representatives from Chien-shiung Wu College in respect of issues related to academic research, life planning and cultivation of leading talents, etc.. In addition, Academician Huang delivered a keynote speech titled “Yesterday and Today - What Is the Unique Charm of New Asia College of Chinese University of Hong Kong”. Students from the experiment class specialized in engineering science (Chien-shiung Wu Class) and liberal arts (Guo Binwen Class) of Chien-shiung Wu College, teachers related to student’s affairs and the leading team of Chien-shiung Wu College listened to the report. In the report, Academician Huang started from “what is ‘Academy’”, introduced the origin and historical development of “Academy” from both Chinese and western perspectives, and finally summarized the connotation and significance of “Academy”. He believed that the “Academy” should be not only function as a place where both education and teaching coexist, but also a place for academic researches. “Ming Lun”, the two Chinese characters, have accurately generalized the cultural connotations of Chinese Confucianism and traditional academies. After that, Academician Huang highlighted the experience of New Asia College of Chinese University of Hong Kong in terms of philosophy construction, educational achievements, schooling running and general education, etc.. After the report, Academician Huang Naizheng answered questions proposed by the students.

During the visit, Zheng Jiamao, Vice Secretary of CPC Committee of Southeast University, also cordially met with and received the delegation of Academician Huang Naizheng.

It is reported that Mr. Huang Naizheng, born in 1950, is serving as Emeritus Professor of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Visiting Professor of Southern University of Science and Technology, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician of the World Academy of Sciences for the Advancement of Science in Developing Countries (formerly known as the Third World Academy of Sciences) and Academician of Hongkong Academy of Sciences. Meanwhile, Academician Huang Naizheng is a well-known chemist both at home and abroad. His researches focus on the organic synthesis of natural and non-natural compounds. He has been working in the field of organic chemistry for nearly four decades and concerning national scientific research and development. In addition to academic researches, Academician Huang Naizheng also pays great attention to the talent cultivation, advocates the inheritance of Chinese culture and makes active contributions to the scientific research and development in the Mainland, which have won praise and respect from all walks of life. 



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