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Academician Zhong Wanxie Teaches in Person for Young Teachers and Graduates

Date: July 15, 2014

“Academician Zhong is such a plain and amiable predecessor. Though advanced in age, he still teaches us,” commented Ma Junsheng, a first-year graduate majoring in mechanics, after the class given by academician Zhong. At the beginning of the new semester, Professor Zhong Wanxie, a 79-year-old academician ofChineseAcademyof Sciences, teaches in person Symplectic Solution Methodology in Applied Mechanics for young teachers and graduates in DUT. Near 170 seats in a classroom of the Teaching Building of the Graduate School were all occupied in his first class held in the morning, September 9. Academician Zhong’s profound knowledge and active classroom atmosphere enabled other teachers and students to appreciate the elegant demeanor of a master teacher.

Academician Guo Dongming, managing vice president in DUT, was also among the audience. He conveyed to academician Zhong regards and care from the university and expressed his own appreciation. He also indicated that academicians were precious resources in the university and they were models for young teachers. Classes conducted by academicians were rare opportunities for young teachers to enhance their own professional qualities and teaching levels. Guo hoped that they could grasp the opportunities to study hard and emulate the class given by academician Zhong.

Academician Zhong conducted his class from a strategically advantageous position with a clear sequence of thought. He went from the easy to the difficult and complicated while introducing the basic concept of symplectic mathematics and limitations of its development step by step. He also stressed that symplectic mathematics should be combined with practice and calculus of variations. During the class, academician Zhong occasionally mentioned stories about some famous scientists and cited the classics. He even associated archaism in some ancient masterpieces like the Art of War with expertise in symplectic mathematics so that students could understand in a more vivid and visual way.

After the class, Dong Zeqi, a doctoral student from the Department of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics, said, “Academician Zhong’s class is very interesting. He not only broadens my horizon in professional studies but also motivates to think. He is an experienced and accomplished scholar as well as master. In the heart of all the students, he is a lofty giant with solid professional knowledge. I am greatly inspired by his class.”



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