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African Media Scholars Visit CUC for Further Partnership

Date: November 11, 2018

The delegation of media scholars from African English-speaking countries led by Mohammed Schaumann, the dean of the School of Communication and Mass Media, British University of Egypt, paid a visit to Communication University of China (CUC) on Thursday. Vice President Duan Peng welcomed the delegation, and the two sides had a conversation over enhancing the college academic partnership between China and Africa.


 Vice president Duan Peng (center, left) and Director Shu Xiaomei (center, right) meet the African media scholars


CUC Vice President Duan Peng expressed his willingness to cooperate with those departments such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education to advance the academic cooperation between China and Africa. In the past few years, CUC had been focusing on this kind of projects and achieved great success. There will be also a delegation sent by CUC to visit the African countries for further cooperation.

Dean Mohammed Schaumann appreciated the support from Chinese universities and the opportunities of cooperation. He also expressed that he had a more comprehensive understanding of CUC and Chinese media industry. Meanwhile, he extended a warm welcome to the coming delegation to Africa.


Vice president Duan Peng (center, left) makes a further conversation with the delegation.


Shu Xiaomei, Director of the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation (Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs) made a further conversation with the members of the delegation. She said that she would try her best to boost China-Africa cooperation in new areas.

This visit was entrusted by the Africa Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some 20 members of the delegation are professional African media scholars and workers. Led by Director Zhang Yanqiu, they will carry out a series of academic activities for fifteen days in CUC.



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