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Alumni Donated Porcelain Carvings

Date: July 3, 2019

On the afternoon of July 3rd, the donation ceremony of Porcelain Carvings " The Picture Stories on Traces of Confucius" made by Du Xianzhen, a researcher of Shandong Museum, and Du Songtao, a famous painter and calligrapher was held in Changqinghu Campus. Zeng Qingliang attended the donation ceremony and had a meeting with Du Xianzhen.

Zeng Qingliang introduced the development of SDNU in recent years. He expressed his gratitute to Du Xianzhen for donating the porcelain carvings and issued him a donation certificate.Du Xianzhen said he was an alumnus of Shandong Normal University and had studied in school in 1954. It is the wish of his whole family to donate the porcelain carvings to Shandong Normal University.




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