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Athletes Shine in the Stadium

Date: November 7, 2018

The 2018 Freshman Game of CUC was held in the university stadium on last Wednesday. Students from 21 schools, including three graduate schools, participated in the colorful game. 


The first collective sporting activity for new members of CUC


Chairman of the University Council Chen Wenshen, and President Liao Xiangzhong attended the game and cheered for young poplars. Vice Chairman of the University Council Jiang Xufan, and Vice President Zhang Shuting attended the opening ceremony of the game.

Vice Chairman of the University Council Jiang Xufan, on behalf of the school leadership, gave a speech to congratulate the young athletes. Jiang expressed his expectations that students could be more physically active, develop a passion for sports and exercise during their studying at CUC, and work in the media field with healthy and comprehensive development. 

Vice President Zhang Shuting announced the official start of the 2018 Freshman Game of CUC. 


Vice Chairman Jiang encourages students for sports during their stay at CUC


Vice President Zhang announcing the begin of the game


As the opening ceremony began, poplars from class of 2018 as well as volunteers walked passed the podium solemnly in 22 neat rows.




Every school has its energetic formation


Bai Jingfeng, teacher representative of CUC Sports Department, vows on behalf of all the referees


Wang Kaiyao, a freshman from the School of Presentation Art pledging to observe disciplines of the game as representatives of athletes


The Stadium was put into use in 2016, and this was the second time that a sports game was held there. It was also the first time that the opening ceremony of the Freshman Game of CUC had been held. This year, the game held 30 events in track and field, fun activities, and individual physical fitness competitions. All the officially enrolled freshmen, including undergraduates, graduates, overseas students and Faculty of Continuing Education students, can take part in the events. Athletes worked hard to earn their victories. 


The sprint race has also been exciting and eye-dazzling


After several fierce competitions, an exciting male and female 4*100meter relay started, which marked a satisfying conclusion of the 2018 Freshman Game of CUC. The School of Presentation Art delegation got the Championship of the Game.


You are the shining star of the Game

Many international students also participated in the 2018 Freshman Game actively boldly trying and fighting for victory. 

A dozen seconds after the starting gun shot, Kelvin rushed pass the male 100-meter finishing line.Kelvin is an oversea student from Malaysia who majors in Public Relations in the Advertising School. It was the first time for Kelvin to participate in a school game in China. 


Kelvin ranks third in his group


As a former state player in Malaysia, Kelvin had practice running for almost 10 years, despite that, he still found that there are a lot of knotty things, like the distinct rules and diverse climate here in China. Individual physical fitness competitions were pretty novel for him, and a game specially for freshmen was different from the annual events in Malaysia.

Like Kelvin, Kim Dong Sung, a Korean student studying in the School of Presentation Art, voluntarily took part in the competition. The sport he chose was no doubt rope skipping. “I used to jump rope a lot, and my brother loves rope-jumping a lot! I am deeply affected by him, I guess,” Kim said. Usually, he can jump around 150 times per minute, however, but he could do it only 125 times in the competition, which was unsatisfactory for him. “Maybe next time I will bring my own rope here,” Kim joked.


Kim Dong Sung, a fan of jumping rope takes his first match in China


Both Kelvin and Kim chose competitions between individuals, while Alaa, from Saudi Arabia, participated in one of the projects in fun activities called "tramcar". He did enjoy cooperating with his schoolmates. Alaa majors in directing, he signed up for the "tramcar" game because he thought it was an excellent opportunity to have fun with his schoolmates. 



With the slogan "Left! Right! Left! Right!", Alaa and his teammates manage to the finishing line


Alaa was really pleased after the activity. Although he felt a bit difficult to work in at first, the result turned out to be pretty satisfying after their discussion. Alaa promised that he would participate again in other collective activities. “It is really worthwhile,” he said.

When athletes were shedding sweat on the track field, the warm-hearted volunteers were working conscientious. 

Tina worked as a volunteer for the 2018 Freshman Game. Came from Norway, Tina now studies Public Relations just like Kelvin. After she came to CUC, she joined the sports department of CUC Student Union, and that was how she got the opportunity to become a volunteer of the game. The volunteering job was quite busy, and Tina worked by the runway for the whole afternoon. 


Volunteers are checking the program of track race


Tina was cleaning the runway right after she delivered bottle water to the referees. According to her, there were no such games in Norway, thus this was her first time joining a school's sports game. Tina loves watching soccer game, and she always does so in Norway. "I have joined the Sports Department because of my love for sports. The atmosphere of the Sports Department is very good,” she said, adding, “I prefer unrestrained circumstances.” Volunteering is the start of her attempt to participate in the school’s sports meeting.


Volunteers are awarded for their great work


A group of young and gorgeous girls were cheering for their classmate in the high jump field. They were Korean girls studying Advertising in CUC. Song Sooyeon was one of them. 


Song and her friends find the game gorgeous


Finishing the tabloid games, they started to watch their friends playing on the track. "The game is gorgeous!" "We are really happy to be here,” Song said. She further said that the scale of the school games in Korea was much smaller, and there were no extra events except for track and field competitions. 

All of the students took part in the game had an enjoyable afternoon, enjoying the autumn sunshine lying in the Stadium of CUC, indulging in the cheers from spectators, soaking themselves in the pleasure of chasing and fighting in sports. 


More to expect in CUC sports field

Many foreign students not only participate in the game for freshmen, but also actively join in sports teams in CUC. Kelvin from Malaysia plays for the basketball team of Advertising School. "We have systematic training routine which includes two sessions of training once a week." Kelvin and his teammates play basketball in the arena at CUC Student Activities Center and have physical training in the stadium, "Skill alone is not enough, we must have strong stamina."

Alaa from Arabic plays soccer in the team of School of Drama, TV and Cinematic Arts. Recommended by his friend, Alaa joined the team and was impressed by the sports facilities in CUC. "I have stayed in China for a long time and used to attend many universities in China. I think CUC does a wonderful job." He loves his soccer team and is looking forward to taking part in the future sports games in CUC. 


Alaa and his teammates won the second place in the Nine-player Male Soccer Match


The 2018 Freshman Game of CUC is just a beginning of all students' sports life. Communication University of China will continue to provide more opportunities for all the students to achieve their sports dreams and there is no doubt that we will see more students engaging in sports activities, both on stage and behind the scenes. 



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