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Beijing Normal University Distributes a Spring Festival Gift Package to Extend Regards to Students Who Stay in School During Winter Vacation

Date: February 4, 2019

Auspicious Dog bid farewell to the old year and the Golden Pig became the harbinger of spring. In order to create a warm festive atmosphere and let the students stayed in the school to enjoy a happy, fulfilling and peaceful Spring Festival, on February 3, Beijing Normal University issued a Spring Festival consolation package for students who stayed in the winter vacation and sent warm care & Chinese New Year blessings to the students.




This year's Spring Festival gift package not only has a snack food package, but also includes cultural books such as best-selling books and movie tickets. At the same time, there is also a specially-designed insulated water cup printed with the BNU logo. The content is complete and rich in variety. It was well received by the teachers and students who stayed in school. At the same time as the magnifying package, the school also prepared a meal voucher for the students who stayed in the school during Chinese New Year, including the New Year's Eve and the first day of the New Year's Day total six meals. The students who stayed in the school can enjoy the food at the school restaurant. Taste the new year.



During the winter holidays in 2019, nearly 600 students from Beijing Normal University spent the Spring Festival at school. In order to enrich the students' stay in school and help them grow up, the school took many measures during the winter vacation to strengthen students' daily service, support students' academic development and care for students' vacation life. The school compiles and publishes the "Guidelines for School Residence in Winter Holiday" to make overall arrangements for the work of the holidays; establishes the QQ group of students and the Wechat public number "Warm Heart and Winter Holiday Direct Train" to build a platform for communication between teachers and students; carries out traditional special activities such as New Spring Visits and New Spring Youth League visits to create a warm Festival atmosphere; Through the activities of co-writing Fortune Characters, beauty contests, New Spring Games and New Spring Cultural Festival and Spring Festival reunion activities, forming the "moral, intellectual, physical, beauty and labor" five activities system, together with teachers and students staying at school, to welcome the Chinese New Year and celebrate the new era.



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