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Beijing Normal University Global Development Lecture Hall Held a Special Lecture

Date: June 24, 2019

On June 20th, the “Global Development Lecture Hall” and “I and My Motherland” theme party event hosted by the Party Branch of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office was held in Jingshi Building. The event was specially invited by Professor Zhang Yanyun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Life Sciences, to give a lecture entitled "We Are Building Bird Protection Areas in the Antarctic - Participating in the 33rd and 34th Antarctic Exploratory Sharing in China". The lecture was hosted by Ai Xin, Deputy Director of the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation. More than 30 teachers from various divisions and departments of the school attended the lecture.



One of the most important tasks of China's 33rd Antarctic Expedition Team is to optimize the location of China's fifth scientific research station. The construction of a new station on Roseheinksburg Island (including the Bird Reserve Survey) is the most important work of China's 34th Antarctic Scientific Expedition Team. As witnesses and experiencer of these two tasks, Professor Zhang Yanyun introduced the geographical location and topography of Antarctica, shared the reasons for participating in the "China's 33rd and 34th Antarctic Expeditions", explained in detail the strategic value of the site selection of the new Antarctic Cocoa Station and the establishment of the Nanyan Island Reserve in the Ross Sea, and discussed the Antarctic Ship Station, Antarctic Birds and Beasts, and natural scenery from three aspects. A vivid demonstration was made. In the interactive link, the audience and Professor Zhang Yanyun had in-depth exchanges on the impacts of climate warming on Antarctica, energy supply of science stations and psychological health safety of science examiners, and discussed how to further improve the international scientific research support and services for teachers by government departments.



The lecture hall of global development fully demonstrates the patriotism and scientific spirit of Beijing Normal University scholars. Lectures are also included in the second-level Party school projects of Party committees.




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