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Beijing Normal University Held 2018 Undergraduate Freshmen Military Training Ceremony

Date: October 8, 2018

On October 7, the 2018 undergraduate freshmen of Beijing Normal University arrived at the Shunyi Student Military Training Base and began a two-week concentrated military training. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the training ceremony was held at the training ground of the Shunyi Military Training Base. Li Xiaobing, deputy secretary of the BNU party committee, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Responsible comrades of the Party Committee Student Work Department and the Armed Forces, Li Ruiqing, head of the Military Training Group, Cheng Pengfei, Chief of Staff of the Military Training Group, Ge Shaolin, Director of the Shunyi Student Military Training Base, and Qin Xianbang, Director of the Logistics Department of Shunyi Student Military Training Base, attended the training ceremony.




In his speech, Li Xiaobing expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the officers and soldiers who took on the military training work and all the staff of the military training base, and made demands and hopes for the teachers and students. Combining with the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the 69th anniversary of the founding of New China, and the National Education Conference, he emphasized the importance of military training for the growth of college students. He believes that military training is an important way to cultivate patriotism and a vivid practice of cultivating the spirit of struggle. It is an effective platform to enhance the overall quality. It is hoped that all participants will attach great importance to and seriously participate in the military training process, strictly observe discipline, ensure safety, work hard and strive for perfection, and ensure the successful completion of the 2018 new students military training mission.



At the opening ceremony, the instructors conducted demonstrations of some military subjects. They won the warm applause of all the teachers and students with their straight posture, neat queue movement and high spirit. The responsible comrades of the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee announced the establishment of the military training group, and Deputy Secretary Li Xiaobing gave the flag to the military training group.




Li Ruiqing mobilized for military training, requiring all participating students to face new challenges, actively adapt to the new environment, dare to accept new tempering, obey orders in military training, obey orders, strictly observe discipline, temper the will, and enhance spiritual pursuit. Li Feifei, speaking as a representative of the instructor, said that she should persist in setting an example, scientifically and reasonably train, strictly abide by the rules and regulations, help each other and learn from each other, and ensure the successful completion of this military training task. Zhang Yuchen, a 2018 undergraduate student of the Psychology Department, spoke as a student representative. He promised to obey the command and earnest training in the two-week military training, work hard, be friendly and help each other, actively learn and hone himself, complete training with full spirit and enthusiasm, and achieve self-improvement. The opening ceremony was successfully concluded in the "Chinese People's Liberation Army Military Songs".




 During the two-week military training, the military training group will conduct training in subjects such as queue training, assassination, fighting boxing, military boxing, daggers, and jigsaw puzzles, conducting party building and ideological and political education, national defense education and safety education. They organize chorus, essay competitions, board competitions, military games, etc. various cultural and sports activities, lay a solid foundation for improving the overall quality of students, realizing the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, art and work, and making greater contributions to the cultivation of socialist builders and successors. 




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