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Beijing Normal University Held the 2018 International Student Freshmen Opening Ceremony and Series Welcome Activities

Date: September 3, 2018

        On August 31, 2018, Beijing Normal University held the Freshmen opening ceremony of the 2018 Foreign Student, and welcomed 750 new students from 83 countries around the world. Chen Li, Vice President of Beijing Normal University attended and delivered a speech. Responsible comrades from the Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School, International Exchange and Cooperation Office, College of Liberal Arts, Chinese Culture College, School of Economics and Business Administration attended the event.



Vice President Chen Li delivered a speech


In her speech, Chen Li welcomed the students from all over the world on behalf of the school, and briefly introduced the history, development status and education of foreign students in Beijing Normal University. At the same time, she also hopes that the new students will be optimistic and face the challenges, try to understand, tolerate and try to accept different cultures, establish a world vision, stimulate innovation and establish a great ambition to contribute wisdom and strength to human peace and development. Pursuing excellence in academics, personally perceiving real China outside the classroom, and becoming a youth ambassador for cultural communication.


Speech by Professor Dong Shikui, Professor of the School of the Environment


Dong Shikui, a professor at the School of the Environment, delivered a speech as a faculty representative. He made a speech in Chinese and English on the topic "Framework for a diverse bridge of world communication and exchange." In his speech, Dong Shikui encouraged students from all over the world to share their impressions and opinions about China with their family and friends, and to make a difference between the cultures of their own countries and other countries, so that they and their foreign friends can better understand the philosophy of life that the Chinese have always pursued.“Harmony but not samemess". Dong Shikui stressed that facing today's increasingly severe global challenges, “not only must we understand China, but also look at the world”, we must hold the concept of “global thinking, local action” to discover the serious problems the world facing. Explore ways and means to solve these problems."


Tata, a master student from Rwanda


Tata, a master student from Rwanda, expressed her joy to study at Beijing Normal University as a freshman representative, and shared four suggestions for studying abroad with fluent and authentic Chinese: using maps; clear goals, combining work and rest; build inner Quality and external image; control your mouth and open your legs. Tata also called on all the international students to "learn and think on the road to study, think and realize, realize and take action , action and make progress."

After the opening ceremony, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office held a variety of freshmen's entrance education activities for international students. Li Yang, a police officer of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration, and Li Xibao, director of the Haidian District University Traffic Safety Office, introduced Chinese laws and regulations and traffic rules to international students, reminding new students to obey the law, stay away from drugs, and not hold religious activities on campus and do your own safety precautions. Zhao Cheng, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, introduced the precautions of studying at Beijing Normal University, helping foreign students overcome cultural differences and integrate into campus life from the aspects of mental health, academic requirements, and life guidance. The following week will be the International Student Education Week, and the International Exchange and Cooperation Office will hold a series of orientation activities for various scholarships students, foreign aid high-level education programs, as well as special training activities such as “How to use the library” and “How to choose courses”.



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