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Beijing Normal University Held the Appointment Ceremony of Class-level Liaison Officers for Graduates in 2019

Date: June 18, 2019

On June 17, “Alumni walked the world, the hearts tie to BNU”, the appointment ceremony of alumni class liaison members of the 2019th Graduates' was held in the YingDong Academic Hall. Vice-President Zhou Zuoyu and Vice-President Chen Guangju attended the ceremony. Alumni Association, Student Work Department of Party Committee, School League Committee, School Department Leaders' Representatives, Alumni Representatives, Former Class Liaison Members and Nearly 140 Class Liaison Members of 2019th Graduates’ participated in the activities.



        Zhou Zuoyu pointed out in his speech that since the founding of the school, Beijing Normal University has made positive contributions to the development of national basic education. Teacher education is the foundation of the school. It is the duty of the school to train great teachers. He expects graduates to continue to create brilliance in their new life journey and add luster to their alma mater. He welcomes graduates to join the big family of BNU Alumni Association and serve the Alumni Association, inject fresh blood, bring new life for the Alumni Association. He put forward three expectations to the liaison members: first, to do a good job in spreading the spirit of the alma mater and be the spokesperson of the BNU image, to practice the spirit of "learning to be a teacher, behaving like a model of the world" in his work; second, to be a good liaison of the feelings of alumni, to closely contact the alumni, to actively assist the work of local alumni associations, to enhance the friendship between alumni and the alma mater; third, to actively serve the graduates’ career growth, career development, innovation and entrepreneurship, expand resources to build a platform to provide necessary support and help.



Chen Guangju introduced the graduation season series activities, saying that the alumni association is a broad platform for alumni to share the success and joy, and to convey the friendship and warmth of the spiritual home. Through years of hard work, the alumni association has created a relatively complete service system and working system. This year's alumni association provides graduates with a rich series of graduation season activities, and hopes that graduates will actively participate. His graduates must remember the alma mater's school motto, look up at the stars, be down-to-earth, be brave, and dare to make the tide of the times, let the youth shine.



          The person in charge of the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee read out the appointment decision of the 2019 undergraduate and postgraduate. The leaders and guests jointly issued a letter of appointment for the 2019 alumni class liaison. A total of 177 students were hired as graduating class liaisons this year.

        Representatives of local chapter leaders welcomed the 2019 graduates to join the club and expressed their willingness to provide support and help for the work, life and development of the “new” alumni. Past graduating class liaisons shared their work experience and feelings as a liaison. The 2019 graduate class liaison representative said that they will earnestly fulfill the duties of the alumni liaison and cooperate with the alumni association to actively organize alumni activities.

        The event also presented awards to the winners of the 2019 Wenchuang Competition. The student sang the song "The Memory of Normal University".

The Alumni Association Graduation Season series aims to create a warm graduation atmosphere, unite new alumni, help graduates to better adapt to the new environment, and provide strong support for graduates to join alumni organizations.




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