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Beijing Normal University Holds the Academic Year Recognition Conference from 2017 to 2018

Date: December 27, 2018

On December 27, the Beijing Normal University Academic Annual Accreditation Conference of 2017 to 2018 was held in the Yingdong Academic Hall . Cheng Jianping, Party Secretary, Dong Qi, Vice Party Secretary and Principal, Sun Hongpei, Tian Hui, Hao Fanghua, Zhangkai, Zhou Zuoyu and Chen Li, Vice Party Secretary Li Xiaobing, Assistant Principal Tu Qingyun and Assistant Principal (Work on secondment) Xinjie attended the meeting. More than 300 representatives of Party and government leaders, heads of relevant functional departments and award-winning teachers and students attended the meeting. The meeting is presided over by Li Xiaobing, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee.



On behalf of the school, Cheng Jianping congratulates all the teachers and students who have been commended and thanks all the teachers and staff of the school who have worked hard for the growth of their students. He pointed out that 2018 was a milestone year. General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important speech at the National Education Congress. He raised education to the strategic and overall level of "the grand plan of the country and the grand plan of the Party". He put forward the clear goal of cultivating all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, beauty and labor, and being able to serve as the new comers in the era of national rejuvenation. The Party and the Government are solemn celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up. It sounded the clarion call for a new era of reform and opening up to the outside world. In this year, the school thoroughly implemented the strategic plan made by the 13th Party Congress, comprehensively deepened the comprehensive reform, and smoothly promoted the construction of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics featuring comprehensive, research-oriented and leading teacher education. Looking ahead to 2019, he put forward three hopes for teachers and students: first, to have the national feeling of taking the responsibility of national rejuvenation and to accept the exercise of "torture group"; second, to have the ambition to pursue excellence, to increase the strength to overcome difficulties and strive for first-class; third, to have the spirit of striving for a successful dream of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics without waiting and relying on any others.



Dong Qi, Sun Hongpei and Tian Hui read out the award decisions and award lists of various awards respectively. The Congress presented award-winning organizations and individual representatives in international and national competitions, representatives of national scholarship winners, advanced student work collectives, award winners of "Hongde Counselor Award", "Red Banner League Committee" award-winning collectives, "Top Ten Counselors", "Top Ten University Students" and "Stars of Self-improvement" and so on. It was commended.



Representatives of winners of international and national competitions


National Scholarship Award-winning Representatives


Advanced Collective Representatives of Student Work


Winner of Hongde Counselor


Representatives of the Red Flag League Committee


Top Ten Counselors


"Top Ten University Students" Winner


"Star of Self-improvement" winner


Chen Jinbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Life Sciences, Hongde Counselor Representative, Ran Xin, School of Nuclear Science and Technology, Student Award-winning Representative, Yu Hongyong, Grade 2015 Undergraduate of the Faculty of Geography, Gong Yongdan, Grade 2017 PhD student of Marxist College, Star of Self-improvement winner and Peng Bauhinia, Grade 2015 Undergraduate of History College made speeches respectively. This paper describes their outstanding achievements and experiences in building up people, learning and scientific research, voluntary service and self-reliance and self-improvement, expresses their gratitude to the school, and encourages the teachers and students present to set up lofty ideals, consciously cultivate their talents and persistently pursue excellence.


Chen Jinbo, Award-winning Representative of Advanced Collective Student Work and Academy of Life Sciences


Ran Xin, Award-winning Representative of Hongde Counselor and School of Nuclear Science and Technology


Yu Hongyong, Award-winning Representative of Undergraduate and Grade 2015 of Department of Geographic Sciences


Gong Yongdan, a postgraduate award-winning representative and doctoral student of Grade 2017 of Marxist College


Peng Bauhinia, the winner of "Star of Self-improvement" and an undergraduate of Grade 2015 in History College


 The conference ended successfully in the grand "School Song of Beijing Normal University".




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