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CFLC Rendition of “Measure for Measure” Ignites the Night at XMU

Date: November 23, 2017

 On the evening of Nov.18, the curtain was raised on the opening drama “Measure for Measure” of the “CFLC Drama Festival” in the Jiannan Auditorium. This year’s “CFLC Drama Festival” was co-hosted by XMU Academic Affairs office, XMU Modern Education Technology and Practice Training Center and College of Foreign Languages and Cultures (CFLC). The entire cast and crew of this year's festival consisted of about 100 students and teachers, including overseas students from Czekh and Bangladesh, which fully manifested the fusion of Chinese and the Western styles.


Before the performance, Prof. Li Meihua, Deputy Dean of CFLC, delivered the opening speech and noted that highbrow art is an indispensable part of campus culture. The foreign language drama, as an unique comprehensive art form,  embodies what highbrow campus culture is about, opening a window for the students to get a glimpse of exotic cultures, to enhance their ability to express themselves, and to hone their agile thinking and performing skills. Furthermore, students are also offered an excellent stage to fully express their individuality and general ability.


Measure for Measure” is the middle period works of Shakespeare. The profound and obscure Shakespearian lines turned out to be a hard nut to crack for the cast. However, thanks to numerous hours of rehearsal, the actors from CFLC  successfully presented to the audiences a high-quality drama feast at the night of the performance, demonstrating XMU students’ outstanding English proficiency and exceptional cultural upbringing.


Meanwhile, XMU leaders and teachers also offered their solid support to this thespian activity. As advisors of “Measure for Measure”, Prof. Zhang Chong of Fudan University College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Prof. Yang Shizhuo and Su Yuxiao of XMU College of Foreign Languages and Culture, have provided much detailed guidance in selecting the play, helping analyze the lines and supervise the rehearsal. It is reported that the special show called “Roman Night” featuring French and Spanish plays and the one called “Romance of Three States” featuring Japanese, Russian and German plays will continue to be staged at the concert hall of XMU Science and Art Center respectively on December 2 and December 10.



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