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CUC Delegation Visits Universities in the US, Canada

Date: May 31, 2019

CUC Vice president Zhang Shuting along with the varsity’s delegation visited University of Missouri(UM), New York Institute of Technology in the US and University of Toronto, Sheridan College in Canada on the invitation of these schools from May 16 to 23. The delegation was comprised of five people. Here are the highlights of the visits.


A journey of cooperation: visiting University of Missouri and NYIT

On May 17, the second day of CUC delegations arriving to Columbia, the delegation had talks with the vice president of UM Mary Stegmaier who are in charge of international affairs, dean of UM school of journalism David Kurpius, deputy dean of UM school of journalism Fritz Cropp and Zhang Yuyan who are in incharge of International programs concerning China.

CUC vice president Zhang Shuting(R) presents a traditional painting to Stegmaier on behalf of CUC


Stegmaier expressed her gratitude to CUCs effort to visit UM as well as her intensive care about the cooperation with CUC and hoped to explore more fields with CUC to collaborate on the basis of the existed news communication program.

CUC delegation holds talks with University of Missouri and CUC graduates


The delegation attended UM School of Journalism and NYITs commencements and had talks with CUC students who study in these two schools cooperative education programs with ICUC. Vice president Zhang expressed CUC teachers concern to these overseas students study and life, and the delegation also had a delightful talk with students parents.


A journey of exploration: visiting University of Toronto and Sheridan College

On May 21, the delegation had talks with vice president of University of Toronto as well as president of University of Toronto at Scarborough(UTS) Wisdom Tettey, vice president of UTS Bernie Kraatz and Bill Gough, dean of Department of Art and Media Barry Freeman, chief of news program Jeffrey Dvorkin.


Tettey(L) presents gifts on behalf of University of Toronto


CUC delegation holds talks with University of Toronto in the meeting


In talks with teachers from University of Toronto, the vice president Tettey welcomed the delegation to visit and expressed expectation of the two universities to cooperate in more fields and initiate cooperative programs as soon as possible.


CUC delegation holds talks with Sheridan College


On May 22, the delegation had talks with vice president of the Sheridan College Carol Altilia, director of International Department Mike Allcott, dean of school of animation,art and design Ronni Rosenberg and assistant of director of International Department Li Peihong. Altilia showed her value of the opportunity of cooperating with CUC, hoping to initiate more programs on the basis of former well-developed programs. According to Mike, he would make every effort to arrange the colleges presidents visit to CUC by this fall and thinks talks between the two presidents will promise wider cooperation fields.



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