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CUC Film Wins Gold Pearl Awards

Date: June 14, 2019

 micro-movie, A Bowl of Noodle, produced by Communication University of China (CUC) School of Drama, TV and Cinematic Arts’ teachers and students won the Micro-movie Gold Award of the 9th Miami America-China TV Art Week Gold Pearl Awards last Friday.


 Associate professor Sun Deyuan receives the Micro-movie Gold Award


A Bowl of Noodle is a graduation work of Zhang Ying, a graduate from the School of Drama, TV and Cinematic Arts of CUC. The project was completed with the help of instructor Jin Ronggui and three main actors who are also professors of the school.

The movie tells a story that a widow in debt shares a bowl of noodle with her two children on New Year’s Eves for three years in succession in a restaurant that her husband mentioned when he was alive, during which time the kind restaurant owner offers a bowl of more noodles to the family without letting them know, which gives them dramatic support.

"I was moved by the kindness of the restaurant owner and the bravery and persistence of the struggled family, thats why I made this micro-movie," Zhang said.


Director Zhang is studying for Ph.D. in Macau University of Science and Technology, but she felt honored to win the award not only for her team, but also for her alma mater.



The micro-movie A Bowl of Noodle


Last year, A Bowl of Noodle has already won the Outstanding Works of Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, along with the award this year, as a CUC work, further raising the profile of the university, as well as highlighting the significance of practice and cooperation between teachers and students, said Professor Sun.

The Art Week and the award ceremony this year are co-organized by several institutions in America and in China to narrow the gap between different nations and cultures on the basis of film and television exchanges.



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