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CUCAS CEO Mr Zhou Talked About Studying in China on CHANNEL NEWSASIA.

Date: May 2, 2019

Summary: Chinese Government policy support, Chinese Universities high teaching level ,affordable fee cost and the whole Chinese people's attitude towards international students, all of these factors will attract more international students...

  Study in China


Talking about study in China.



Trends of Study Abroad Steps

Study in China will become a new trends for international students, expecially for Asean students.  Mr.zhou of CUCAS ( Chinese University and College Admission System) said Schoalrship plays an important role for international students also it encourages studenst come to China for study.


With the development of Chinese universities teaching level and government support policy,such as One belt and one road initiative, more and more international students come to study in China,including self-financed students and scholarship students.
In 2018 QS ranking, there are about 39 Chinese Universities have reached top 1000 global universities.
Compared with other developed countries, students who want to study overseas for higher education will can burden affordable fees including living fee etc.
Chinese people's friendly attitute toward international students attracted more global students. Study in China, not only they can experience real traditional Chinese culture but also learn Chinese language, which will also bring students additional bonus.
As a public platform, CUCAS will be committed to help more international students study in China. We will provide more higher teaching level universities, offer more scholarship programs and other traditional Chinese culture program. If you have any problems when you apply for Chinese universities or meet any troubles when you applying it, even want more special services, you can solve it through CUCAS.
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