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CUCAS office in Morocco Start Running!

Date: May 2, 2019

Summary: Welcome Morocco students come for spot consultation!

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CUCAS office in Morocco Start Running!

Do you have ever dreamed consulting your problems with CUCAS member by face to face?

Do you want to get more professional suggestions about your studying plan without any distance?

Yes, here is Morocoo students’lucky.


CUCAS Morocco office Moracoo Steps

With the development of CUCAS, CUCAS office in Morocco start running from March 31, 2018 (Beijing Time), which is a very great chance of knowing more about Chinese universities for Morocoo students who want to study in China, Morocco students can come for spot consultation.

Students can consult with the staff of CUCAS Morocco office through face to face, such as the details about Chinese universities, which program is suitable for students themselves? How’s the difference of Chinese Universities,etc. What’s more, local staff knows more about local students condition and local schools development, so, CUCAS staff in local place will help students select one university and program for students’ development according to the Morocco students features to some degree.

CUCAS will set up foreign offices in different countries in the future, hope our services will make your study trip in China easily and efficiently.


Contact information:
70 Avenue Feld Ould Oumeir, Appt 9 , Agdal-Rabat
Tél Fixe: +212 5 37 68 68 19 // +212 5 37 77 77 68
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