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CUPL President Huang Jin Led a Delegation on a Visit to the United States and Canada

Date: November 12, 2011

CUPL President Huang Jin led a delegation on a 13-day visit (October 13 to November 12, 2011) to the

United States and Canada to visit with North American partners—including universities, government officials,
and legal institutions—to further expand collaborative opportunities. University Visits 
Duquesne University School of Law  



On October 31, 2011, CUPL President Huang Jin led a delegation to Duquesne University School of Law.
President Huang exchanged gifts with the dean of Duquesne University School of Law (pictured, left) and
the Chancellor (pictured, right).

Duquesne University and CUPL have been key partners, holding annual joint summer and exchange programs
over the past several years.  During the October 2011 visit, CUPL and Duquesne leaders discussed the
possibilities of strengthening current programs and exploring future opportunities.  October attendees included
Duquesne University School of Law Chancellor John E. Murray; former chancellor and Pennsylvania Superior
Court Justice Maureen Lally-Green; Dean Ken Gormley; Vice Dean Perkins; Library Curator Professor
Frank Liu; and Professor Alfred S. Pelaez.  The discussions focused on the following topics: student and
faculty exchanges, lawyer trainings, clinical legal education, and local judiciary placements.  Dean Gormley
announced he would make an official visit with a delegation to CUPL in January 2012 to further discuss these
cooperative opportunities.


University of California, Davis

Top-right: CUPL President Huang Jin and UC Davis President Katehi sign the cooperation agreement
Bottom-left: President Huang and Dean Johnson exchange gifts
Top-left and bottom-right: Meeting with alumni at UC Davis and in San Francisco


On November 4, 2011, the CUPL delegation visited the University of California at Davis, holding talks with
UC Davis President L. Katehi, International Office Director for Asian Affairs Dr. Liang Linxiam, Law School
Dean Kevin Johnson, International Programs Executive Director Beth Greenwood, and selected faculty members.  

The two universities discussed various opportunities, including establishing a Confucius Institute, setting up
a UC Davis office on the CUPL campus, creating joint LLM programs, and the possibility of establishing
a combined research center. The delegation also invited President Katehi to attend CUPL’s 60th Anniversary
celebrations. During the visit, the delegation met with California Supreme Court judges, state senators,
and CUPL local alumni.  The visit culminated in the signing of an inter-school cooperation agreement.


Wayne State University


CUPL delegation members, President Allan D. Gilmour and faculty representatives of Wayne State University
attend a breakfast meeting.  Shortly afterwards, the CUPL president and WSU president sign a cooperation

On November 7, 2011, the CUPL delegation visited Wayne State University (WSU). President Huang Jin
and WSU President Allan D. Gilmour concluded their meeting with the signing of a cooperation memorandum.
The two universities will establish a one-year joint Master of Laws program, similar to a condensed J.D. program. 
The program is designed to help CUPL students (and CUPL graduates) pass the bar exam in a few key states,
such as New York and California. The two presidents also discussed ideas of how to cooperate in other
prominent academic subjects, such as political science, public administration and business management. 
The delegation also held a meeting with Professor WSU Law School Dean Robert M. Ackerman, Program for
International Legal Studies Director Gregory H. Fox, and LLM Program Director Paul R. Dubinsky.


University of Michigan Ann Arbor


On November 7, 2011, the CUPL delegation met with University of Michigan Law School Dean Evan Caminker
and other university representatives.  Meetings with Dean Caminker, International Affairs Assistant Dean
Virginia Gordan, and other faculty members included discussions regarding future cooperative opportunities and
legal education methods and approaches.
Following these discussions, CUPL President Huang and CUPL International Office Director Xu Lan attended
a lecture titled "The New International Financial Structure,” delivered by Professor Michael S. Barr—former
assistant secretary of Commerce Department and chief drafter and coordinator of recent U.S. financial reform
legislation.  Delegation members also visited the Law School's legal clinics, met with the University of Michigan’s
Director of Chinese Studies Mary Gallagher, and also visited with local and Chinese scholars.


University of Toronto


CUPL President Huang meets with Dean Mayo Moran (pictured, first from the right)


The CUPL delegation meets with University of Toronto representatives


On November 8, the CUPL delegation visited University of Toronto, holding meetings with Law School Dean
Professor Mayo Moran, International Affairs Associate Dean Ito Peng, International Programs and Partnership
Director M.P. Stevens, and Deputy Director of International Exchange Student Programs Ms. Holly Luffman. 
Discussions included how to further cooperate exchanges and cooperative efforts in legal education,
political science, global research, public administration, and sociology.  

University of Montreal

Pictured from left: University of Montreal Law School Dean Gilles Trudeau, Vice Dean Guy Lefebvre;
                                   CUPL President Huang Jin; University of Montreal President Guy Breton.


On November 9, 2011, the CUPL delegation met with University of Montreal Law School Dean Gilles Trudeau,
Vice Dean Guy Lefebvre, and other University of Montreal Law School faculty members.  The meeting date
fell upon the same day as the CUPL-University of Montreal Law School “Joint Seminar on International Law,”
an activity marking ten years of cooperation between the two universities. On November 10, the CUPL
delegation attended the University of Montreal Law School's commencement exercises. President Guy Breton
granted President Huang Jin an honorary doctorate. Vice Dean Guy Lefebvre and President Breton delivered
speeches during the ceremony. After the ceremony, President Huang held talks with President Breton,
Vice President Ann-Marie Boisvert and selected faculty members.


Visits to government officials and legal institutions

American Bar Association


On November 2, 2011, the CUPL delegation visited with the ABA and met with ABA Center for Professional
Responsibility Counsel Arthur Garwin, Continuing Legal Education Vice Director Dan Becker, and Legal
Education assistant consultant Becky Stretch (Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar) to exchange
views on further cooperation.

ABA officials gave an overview of U.S. lawyers’ education, examination and law school accreditation procedures,
bar exam applicant qualifications, and legal ethics.  The delegation and ABA officials also discussed how to
best implement collaborative activities in China-U.S.A. legal education.

Visit to China Consulate-General Education Office in Chicago  


On November 2, 2011, the CUPL delegation met with Ms. Chen Weijia, Consul of China’s Education Consul
at the Chicago Consulate-General. They discussed the possibility of future cooperation between CUPL and
universities located in the northwestern section of the United States.  

Meetings with California Government Officials and Michigan Politicians 


On November 4, 2011, the CUPL delegation met with California State Senator Lois Wolk in Sacramento,
to exchange views on future possible cooperative efforts.  The delegation also visited the California Legislative
Counsel Bureau, where Chief Deputy Legislative Counsel Jeff Deland and Principal Deputy Kirk S. Louie
explained the bureau’s responsibilities and California legislative process. 

In Michigan, November 6 and 7, President Huang received calls from United States Senator Debbie Stabenow,
U.S. Representative (12th District) Sander Levin, and Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Caley. 
The American officials welcomed the delegation’s visit, expressing full support for collaborations, including the
possibilities of establishing CUPL student internship and career development training centers in Michigan.


Meeting with Michigan Government Officials and Members of the Local Bar Association 

Pictured, top-left: President Huang and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kelly


On November 7, the delegation had a breakfast meeting with Michigan Government officials, judges,

and representatives from local universities. Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kelly, Court of Appeals Judge Elizabeth
L. Gleicher, and 16th Circuit Court (Macomb County) Presiding Judge Mark Switalski attended the meeting.  The
hosts warmly welcomed the visitors, expressing support for possibilities of establishing CUPL's internships and legal
training centers in Michigan.  President Huang delivered a speech, reviewing the progress achieved in the short period
since CUPL Vice President Zhu Yong and Michigan state government officials launched joint cooperative efforts. 
President Huang also expressed his gratitude to the Michigan courts, governmental branches, and Michigan citizens
for supporting CUPL exchange students and interns.  President Huang also discussed with Justice Marilyn Kelly
regarding the possibility of CUPL student internships in the Michigan court system.


Visit to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Headquarters in Montreal 

The delegation meets with ICAO officials. 

(Pictured, top-left: ICAO Legal Affairs and External Relations Director Denys Wibaux )


On November 10, 2011, the CUPL delegation met with ICAO Legal Affairs and External Relations Director Denys
Wibaux. Mr. Wibaux explained the ICAO’s primary areas of work, and discussed with the delegation regarding the
possibility of short-term internships for CUPL students in ICAO. Mr. Wibaux indicated ICAO would offer an
annual internship for CUPL graduate students majoring in international civil aviation law. ICAO senior legal official
Dr. Huang Jiefang also attended the meeting.

The delegation also visited Representative Office of Council of China in ICAO, receiving a warm welcome from
Chief Representative Ambassador Mr. Ma Tao. During the meeting, Ma offered to help with the short-term
internship for CUPL students, and discussed further future cooperation.

Visits With Overseas CUPL Alumni


During the North American visit, President Huang and the delegation visited with CUPL faculty and students
at UC Davis, in San Francisco and at the University of Montreal.  The delegation expressed CUPL’s support and
best wishes to the faculty and students, encouraging them to take full advantage of these special learning and
research opportunities.  Delegation members included the following: Continuing Education College Dean Liu S
houren; CUPL Professors Xu Shenjian, Shi Xiaoli and Gao Jianjun; Associate Professor Zhang Qin of CUPL’s
Research Center for Law and Economics; and, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange Director Xu Lan.



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