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Cao Weidong was Appointed as the Chairman of the BSU Council

Date: April 11, 2017


Beijing Sport University held a caucus of all cadres in the morning of April 11th. In the meeting, Mr. Tian Zhihong, the deputy director of Personnel Department of General Administration of Sport, announced the personnel appointment and removal decisions by Party Groups of General Administration of Sport. The Party Groups appointed Cao Weidong as the chairman of the council and the member of the standing committee of CPC of BSU as well as the director and the dean of the Coaching Academy of the Sports officials Training Centre of General Administration of Sport, and appointed Liu Daqing as the director and chairman of the council of the National Swimming Administrative Center. As the meantime, the Party Groups also removed the the chairman of the council of BSU, the member of the standing committee of CPC of BSU, the director and the dean of the Coaching Academy of the Sports officials Training Centre of General Administration of Sport from Yang Hua, and removed the vice-secretary, the member of the standing committee of CPC and the vice president of BSU from Liu Daqing. The assistant director, Li Yingchuan, who is also a member of Party Groups, and Zhang Xue, who is the vice-secretary of the CPC Beijing Municiple Education Committee attended the meeting. The president of BSU, Chi Jian, chaired the conference. School leaders, all the middle-level cadres and senior professional technicians attended the meeting.



Mr. Li Yingchuan delivered a speech on behalf of the Party Groups of General Administration of Sport of China. He briefly introduced the main consideration of this personnel adjustment of cadres and gave full affirmation and high praise to the fruitful school works, efforts and contributions to sports and higher education of physical education which had been made by the school leadership leading by Yang Hua. He also gave a detailed introduction on why the Party Groups appointed Cao Weidong as the chairman of the council of BSU which was under the consideration of overall of cadre troop construction, broadening the horizons of selecting leaders and choosing the suitable person to be the leader of school. Besides, Mr. Li expressed his high hopes for the new leadership of school and gave five suggestions on strengthening the construcion of leadership. Firstly, we need to strengthen the study of theory, firmly establish “the Four Consciousness” and further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility. The member of the leadership is not only going to be a politician understanding edcation, but also an educator with political thoughts as well as a management expert on administration of school. We need to further improve the ability of managing school and cultivate the senior specialized talents for the development of sports in China who have the social sense of responsibility, innovation spirit and practice ability. Secondly, we need to implement the principle of democratic centralism, uphold and improve the president responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee. The chairman of the council is mainly responsible for the implementation of democratic centralism of the leadership team and plays a key role in it. The deputy leaderships should perform their duties according to the collective decisions and divisions of labor and consciously maintain the leadership authority. Thirdly, we need to strictly manage the caders and further strengthen the construction of cadres. For the cadres, we not only use them, but also cultivate them. We need to care for them and also strictly manage them. We should analysis the status of cadres in deep, set up the correct direction of choosing and employing persons and make great efforts to build a loyal, clean,responsible team of cadres. Fourthly, we need to actively promote the construction of “Double First-rate” and strengthen the training of sports talents with high quality. We should build a first-class faculty team, gather a group of academic masters and academic authorities recognized by the world and cultivate top creative talents which are in urgent need in sports. Fifthly, we need to reform and innovate for the sevices of general situation. We should free our mind, take the advantages of university on talents, knowledge and scientific research, and do something actively to the preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games and Beijng Winter Olympic Games, the sevice of sports for all, strength the development of sports industry by providing science and technology, talents support, intellectual support and training safeguard so that we could make new contribution to the reform and development in sports of China.


Mrs. Zhang Xue make a speech on behalf of the CPC Beijing Municiple Education Committee and Beijing Education Committee. She fully affirmed the development achieved by school during the tenure of Yang Hua. She expressed her heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to Yang Hua and Liu Daqing for their hard work and important contribution for BSU and physical education reform during their tenure. Besides, she briefly introduce the basic imformation about Cao Weidong and spoke highly of his political quality, experience on higher education and organizational leadership. She also put forward three opinions on the future of school on behalf of the CPC Beijing Municiple Education Committee. Firstly, put the strengthen moral education and cultivate people with the the outstanding sports talents cultivation together. Secondly, dare to challenge and fully promote the construction of “Double First-rate”. Thirdly, initiatively meet the needs of national sports strategy and regional development opportunity, sevice the social development based on sports.  

Mr. Liu Daqing thanked the support of school leadership members and the cultivation of school in past years, expressed his advocacy and support to the decisions and arrangment of the Party Groups in his speech.

Mr. Yang Hua deeply reviewed the extraordinary, leapfrog development under the efforts of all staff and students in his office of nearly 15 years and expressed his thanks to the sincere help, care and support from the leadership, all the middle-level cadres, faculty, any old and retired cadres and teachers from the Party Groups of General Administration of Sport, the CPC Beijing Municiple Education Committee, Beijing Education Committee and other organizations related in the past few years. He sincerely hoped that the university could carry forward the school motto and spirit of pursuiting excellence and develop better and fast under the guidance of the new leadership in the future so that we could build a word-class sports university at an early date. Mr. Yang hua stood up and bowed to everybody in the meeting after his speech which received standing ovation from all the participants.

In the speech of Cao Weidong, he said that BSU is a famous higher education university with glorious educational history which carries the heavy duty on revitalization of Chinese sports and winning honor for the country and has a pivotal position in the development of Chiners sports, higher education and Olympic Games. The brilliant achievements of school is the result of the correct leadership of the higher party organization, the successive efforts from former leadership, and the industrious efforts from every people in the university generations by generation which also can not leave the efforts and wisdom of Yang Hua. As the new chairman of the council, Cao Weidong said he will always adhere to the correct political orientation, consciously keep highly consistent with the Party Centeral Committee in political ideology and activities and strictly implement the decisions from the Party Groups. He will persist the educational dirction of socialist, insist  on strengthening moral education and cultivating people,perfom the main body responsibility, uphold and improve the president responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee, implement the democratic centralism and lead all teachers and students to build the world-class sports university with President Chi Jian.

Finally, Mr. Cao Weidong said he would put all his energy and effort into the management work of school, no longer recruit a graduate student or apply for a new project and do a full-time chairman of the council of the school. All the participants in the meeting gave a warm applause and thumb up for his sincere declare.









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