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Center for Comparative Study of Global Education Established in SISU

Date: May 5, 2019







The Launching Ceremony of the Center for Comparative Study of Global Education (the Center) and the Seminar on the Comparative Study of Global Education was held in the International Conference Center on Hongkou Campus of SISU on April 23th, 2019. Moderated by Wang Youyong, director of Office of Research Affairs in SISU, the ceremony was attended by Li Jiancong, director, Shi Ling, deputy director of Education Management Information Center (EMIC) of the Ministry of Education, Ye Xiaobei, head of the Research Department of EMIC, etc. Jiang Feng, university council chair of SISU, Feng Qinghua, vice-president of SISU, heads of schools and departments and researchers of the Center were also present.

Jiang Feng pointed out in his speech that the establishment of the Center established in the School of Education was crucial for SISU to develop itself into a world-class international studies university with its own characteristics in area studies and global studies. Language is not only a means of communication, but also a bridge to various knowledge, which makes SISU so unique. Thanks to EMIC, SISU now has a very outstanding platform to further strengthen language education, contributing to an organic combination of education with language. The cooperation with EMIC has enabled SISU to make efforts in track with social development and national education development strategies in order to further promote the reform and development of education in China. In retrospect of the achievements SISU and the Ministry of Education had made in the past five years, Jiang said that the University would continue to promote the work of the Center with its multi-language advantages, which would help achieve the double aims of developing innovative graduates and implementing national strategies.

Li Jiancong, director of EMIC, said in his speech that EMIC was willing to cooperate with SISU in facilitating the development of the Center, which serves the reform and development of China’s education, facilitates education improvement and modernization. Mr. Li emphasized that EMIC and SISU had been engaged in cooperative communications with each other, which is embodied by fruitful projects, such as the establishment of the Research Center for Global Educational Technology in 2015 and the regular summary of the educational technological information in various countries and annual reports of area studies. The EMIC would like to carry out in-depth cooperation with the Center in innovating cooperative modes of high-end international education strategic studies, building research and service system for high-end international education, promoting researches in international policies and opinions based on big data applied in education, strengthening the publicity and spread of research resources of international education, all in service of national education development strategies.

Shi Ling, deputy director of EMIC, introduced in details about the areas and focus of future cooperation. He also pointed out that the establishment of the Center during SISU’s 70 anniversary would further add to SISU’s influence in the research over international education and offer more references for the reform and development of education in China.

Feng Qinghua, vice president of SISU, said that the Center established under the effort of the School of Education along with SISU’s multi-language education resources would help integrate SISU’s advantages into the comparative researches over education and better implement SISU’s mission to “prepare future global talents for all-round development to serve the needs of our nation, to advance social progress, and to promote heart-to-heart communication between China and the rest of the world”, making contribution to the education development of the country.

After the speeches Li Jiancong, Jiang Feng, Shi Ling and Feng Qinghua presented the appointment letters to the researchers of the Center. The attendees then exchanged their ideas over the development of the Center and put forward constructive suggestions over the future work of the Center.

Right before the seminar, SISU and EMIC signed thee cooperation agreement to show their shared support in developing the Center.

In April, 2015, the Research Center for Global Educational Technology was co-established by EMIC and SISU. Now, the Center for Comparative Study of Global Education further integrates SISU’s multi-language resources and plays an important role in furthering researches in education policies, rules and experiences of the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. The Center is committed to constructing the systems of global education management at disciplinary, academic and discourse levels, and developing itself into a reserve base for high-end educational talent cultivation, thus contributing to national education management and decision-making.  


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