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Chancellor Zhang Yibin Meets Visiting German University President

Date: November 2, 2018

Nanjing University and the University of Göttingen will promote further cooperation following their traditional and new cooperative programs set up in recent years, agreed when Zhang Yibin, chancellor of Nanjing University, met with Casper Hehne, vice president of the German university on November 2.   

Zhang briefed the guests that Nanjing University and its 15 disciplines have been included in the national “Double First-Rate” strategic plan of higher educational development.    

The university will as usual attach great importance to internationalization and stand firm on its cooperation with the University of Göttingen during the new round of development, said Zhang.   

The two universities have established long-term cooperation on such programs as Sino-German legal studies, intercultural Germanic studies, advanced German class and Confucius Institute.    

In recent years, new progress in cooperation has also been made in such fields as social computing, the sustainable land utilization, and business studies.   

Zhang is pleased to see such development, he said.    

Casper Hehne expressed his congratulations on Nanjing University’s recent achievements.    

Germany has started a new round of selecting elite colleges, he said, and the University of Göttingen has had four cooperation programs passed initial screening, among which the program on sustainable land utilization is carried out in cooperation with Nanjing University.    

Besides, the University of Göttingen has successfully bidden 20 seats in the Young Scientists Chair Program.   

Hehne was very pleased that the two sides have broadened the fields of their cooperation on the basis of traditional programs.    

Meanwhile, even on a traditional program such as intercultural Germanic studies, the two universities will sign the tripartite agreement with Beijing Foreign Studies University so as to build and strengthen the network of academic cooperation.   


Zhang Yibin Meets with Casper Hehne (Photo: She Zhijun)      


The two sides exchanged views on cooperation programs of the two universities in detail and reached agreement on taking the lead in setting up joint Ph.D. program and applying for the support of China Scholarship Council in the fields of intercultural Germanic and Sino-German legal studies.   

 Zhang suggested carrying out academic exchange and cooperation on land pollution control to serve local economic development and raise social influence of the two universities.   


The two parties sign the agreement (Photo: She Zhijun)      


After the meeting, in the presence of Chancellor Zhang Yibin and other participants in the meeting, Pu Lijie, assistant to the president, and  Casper Hehne signed an agreement on the collaborative network of the three universities on intercultural Germanic studies.   

During his visit, Vice President Hehne also met with Yang Zhong, executive vice chancellor of Nanjing University.  

Yang previously visited the University of Goettingen and attended the academic council of the Confucius Institute co-founded by Nanjing University, the University of Goettingen and Beijng Foreign Studies University.   

Also present at the meeting were representatives from Nanjing University’s Advanced Research Institute, Sino-German Institute of Comparative Cultural Studies, Sino-German Social Computing Institute, Sino-German Institute of Legal Studies, School of Business, School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences, Institute for International Students, German Department and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges.



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