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Cyrus Tang Foundation Announces $3.5 Million Gift to XJTU

Date: October 1, 2010

On the morning of October 1, the Cyrus Tang Foundation announced that it was donating 3.5 million US dollars to Xi'an Jiaotong University, to support international cooperation and exchange in education, the hiring of foreign teachers, the development of a first-class experimental physics program in China, the construction of basic teaching and research buildings, the establishment of scholarships for outstanding students, and other related projects. President ZHENG Nanning and Mr. TANG Zhongying, the president of Tang Industries and the Chairman of the Board of the Cyrus Tang Foundation, signed the donation agreement on behalf of the two parties.

Today the gift from the Cyrus Tang Foundation to XJTU will not only support the education of students of great promise in the basic disciplines, but also bring to XJTU a valuable gift of spiritual wealth that should be treasured forever.With these words, President ZHENG Nanning thanked Mr. TANG Zhongying and his foundation for their generous donation. He said that Mr. TANG has earned great esteem and admiration, not only because of his success in business, but more importantly because of his devotion to the cause of Chinese education. Most of the donated money will be devoted to helping that cause by funding university students who excel in both character and academics, those from families poor in material things but rich in spirit. The guiding principles of the Cyrus Tang Foundation are "serve society, practise compassion, put yourself in the place another, and carry the tradition forward."These words not only provide a portrait of Mr. Tang personality and character but also represent the hope of future generations.



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