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DUT Leaders Visited Retired Comrades on Double Ninth Festival

Date: July 15, 2014

Oct. 13——On October, 13th, DUT leaders Zhang Dexiang, Shen Changyu, Jiang Dexue visited academicians, retired professors, and retired staff representatives as this day is Double Ninth Festival. In 1989, the Chinese government decided the Double Ninth Festival as Seniors' Day. Since then, all government units, organizations and streets communities will organize an autumn trip each year for those who have retired from their posts. Also, younger generations will bring elder ones to suburban areas or send gifts to them on this day. DUT leaders brought flowers and gifts to them and wish them a happy Seniors’ Day.

On the morning of 13th, October, Secretary of DUT Party Committee Zhang Dexiang visited former Secretary of DUT Party Committee, Veteran Red Army Man Zhou Ming and Xing Zhizhuang. And on the afternoon of 9th, October, DUT President Shen Changyu visited academician Wang Zhongtuo, former leaders Zhang Buqun, professor Chen Haoran. These retired comrades also expressed their great thanks for university’s concern.



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