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DUT and University of Missouri Reached Cooperation Intention

Date: December 7, 2014

Oct 15th- On the morning of 14, October, John Wilkerson, minister of International Admission Department from University of Missouri and Zhang Yuyan, chief of China cooperation program in Journalism School’s International Exchange Project of University of Missouri visited Dalian University of Technology with their team. President Guo Dongming as well as leaders of School of Foreign Languages and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences met them in Room 312 of the Main Building. During the meeting, they reached the cooperation intention between two universities.

Guo Dongming expressed his warmly welcome to Mr. Wilerson and his team as well as his hope to lay a good foundation for future cooperation with University of Missouri. Also, he would like to take this opportunity to get further knowledge about each other and reach more cooperation on more fields in different forms.

John Wilkerson said that University of Missouri had already established broad cooperation with the government, companies as well as other universities. He hoped that two universities could deepen their cooperation in more areas. Meanwhile, he invited Guo Dongming to visit University of Missouri at any time in the future.

According to the cooperation between two universities, DUT and University of Missouri will start the project of “Double Degrees of BA in Journalism”. Students in this project can get their diplomas and degrees from both universities.

Established in 1908, School of Journalism in University of Missouri is one of the earliest that conduct education in journalism. It is praised as “the Cradle of American Journalists” with ranking first among all the Journalism major in Universities of the US for decades.



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