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Delegation Led by Assistant Principal Gong Hui visits Singapore Universities

Date: June 7, 2011

From May 2 to May 5, at the invitation of Nanyang Technological University, a delegation headed by Assistant Principal Gong Hui including the representatives of the Students’ Affairs Division, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Qide College, Lizhi College and Zonglian College, visited Singapore. The delegation’s first visit was to the National University of Singapore, where the two parties reached a preliminary agreement to organize a “National University of Singapore Day” on the XJTU campus. Later on the day, the delegation met with a group of students who were interested in studying at XJTU and answered their questions about XJTU’s programs and policies regarding foreign students. On May 4, the delegation visited Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The two parties discussed a number of issues of common interest, including recent trends in research, the practical challenges of student affairs management and the design concept for the newly-built residential colleges and they reached agreement concerning NTU’s key research program “The New Silk Road”, as well as programs for staff training, mutual visits and exchange of students. On May 5, the delegation visited Singapore Management University, where they were given a tour of the library, the Student Activities Center, the auditorium, the gymnasium, and other campus facilities. During their stay in Singapore, the delegation also met with some members of the XJTU alumni association of Singapore, with whom they discussed a number of issues, including university administration, international development strategies, recent faculty appointments, and student exchanges.



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