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Delegation from Texas Tech University Visits SWUN

Date: January 15, 2015

On the morning of May 23, 2014, Lawrence Schovanec, Provost and Senior Vice President of Texas Tech University(TTU) visited SWUN along with the other seven faculty members of TTU. Ding Keyi, Vice President, and Li Gengnian, Assistant President, met the delegation from TTU at the ethnic museum in the SWUN Wuhou campus. During their visit, President Zeng Ming also had a talk with the delegation.   

On behalf of SWUN faculty members and students from 56 ethnic groups, Ding Keyi extended a warm welcome to the delegation from TTUand gave them a brief introduction to the history, achievements and development plans of SWUN. Lawrence Schovanecalso made a short introduction to TTU’s history, development and similarities in school management with SWUN. During the meeting, both parties made preliminary discussions on exchanging students, exchanging teaching staff for further education, and cooperation in scientific studies.   

After the meeting, the TTU delegation visited the ethnic museum of SWUN. In the afternoon, the delegation went to SWUN Airport campus where they visited the Tibetan Archives and the Yi Archives, watched an artistic show by the faculty and students of the Artistic College, and delivered a lecture about the management of some colleges in TTU and its advantageous disciplines.   

It is said that the cooperation agreement between SWUN and TTU is under negotiation. TTU has an obvious comparative advantage in disciplines like mathematics, engineering, chemistry, business, and mass communication. It is believed that the cooperation between the two universities will be conducive to the promotion of disciplinary development and the educational internationalization of SWUN.   



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