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Delegation of CUC Alumni of Malaysia Association Visit CUC

Date: April 29, 2019

A delegation of CUC Alumni of Malaysia Association paid a visit to Communication University of China (CUC) from 22 April to 24 April 2019. The group was led by Wai How Lew, president of CUC Malaysian Alumni. The delegation was welcomed by the Vice President of CUC Duan Peng followed by a meeting to enhance the college academic partnership between China and Malaysia. 

Vice President Duan Peng appreciated the efforts of CUC Malaysian Alumni to introduce CUC to more international students in Malaysia. He expressed his gratitude to the alumni for maintaining the reputation of CUC in Malaysia and  looked forward for both sides to increase their academic cooperation and partnerships for the following years to come.

The delegation visited several faculties including School of Animation and Digital Arts, School of Presentation Art, Advertising School, Practical and Experimental Teaching Center (CUCTV), International Chinese Language Education Center and China Media Museum.

After leaving his alma mater for 13 years, Lew, who also headed the delegation, was excited and amazed by the change and development in CUC. “CUC is well-equipped with a multimedia network, digital cable network, library literature information resources network, and modern distance learning education web now. It looks so different compared our schooling times.” He and his delegation hoped that they could obtain more information on the enrollment of international students so that they could introduce to Malaysian students who are interested to study in CUC. 

The Malaysian Alumni organized a meeting over dinner to meet the Malaysian students studying in CUC to gain a deeper understanding of their study and living environment on April 23. They were concerned about the hostel problem which were faced by previous September 2018 intake students.

The delegation appreciated the efforts of the school representative of Malaysia for providing assistance to Malaysian students studying in CUC when they have problems regarding the on-campus accommodation. They added on that everyone must be united and lend a hand to each other especially when facing difficulties in a foreign country. Before the dinner ends, the delegation from CUC Malaysia Alumni awarded Yue Qin Ho and Wan Er Chen who provided assistance to Malaysian students when they first arrived in China.

Yue Qin Ho, the school representative of Malaysia, said that she is willing to help students anytime they are studying in CUC, and she believed that all the Malaysians have the same thought. Her main responsibility is to assist new students to settle down, the intermediary between the Malaysians and the International Office. The visit from Malaysian Alumni had provided an opportunity to the graduated seniors to share their experiences and exchange views with their junior counterparts studying in CUC.

The CUC Alumni of Malaysia was registered and established in February 2016 in Malaysia. Its prime motive is to hold education fair all over Malaysia to promote international student program hosted by CUC. In 2019, there are 64 Malaysians including exchange students and students completing their undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies, master studies in CUC.



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