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Delegation of the Perm Sate University Visits ECNU

Date: April 25, 2019

9 April, a delegation from the Perm State University, Russia, met with ECNU vice President Li Zhibin including Vice President Igor Germanov, Gataulin Vadim, Director of the International Office, and Kondakov Boris, Head of the Department of Languages.


A delegation from the Perm State University, Russia, meets with ECNU vice President Li Zhibin.


During the meeting between ECNU and PSU, the two sides started the official process with basic agenda items, such as student exchanges, mutual visits of teachers, co-hosting of international seminars and summer camps, etc. With regard to the summer camp, they proposed to set up professional summer camps in conjunction with the subjects of mutual cooperation or mutual interest, for instance international geological practice activities and biology training internships.  

In addition to the new summer camp arrangements, both universities set out to explore areas of common interest and co-operation based on the scientific research personnel of their respective experts, and jointly declared intergovernmental cooperation projects with more in-depth co-operation on scientific research.


The meeting with the Perm State University.


The Perm State University has developed a longstanding historical relationship between ECNU and Russia. As early as the 1980s, professor Kondakov Boris had taught at ECNU for 2 years and made important contributions to talent cultivation for Russian languages and literature for ECNU students.



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