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ECNU Establishes 4th Overseas Chinese Studies Center in Melbourne

Date: May 15, 2019

9 May, ECNU signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with La Trobe University in Australia, for establishing a joint research hub in the humanities, social sciences and China-related studies.  

Along with John Dewar, President of La Trobe University, ECNU vice president Wang Rongming attended the official ceremony of the ECNU-La Trobe University Joint Studies Research Center in Melbourne. It’s now the fourth of its kind to be set up by ECNU in a foreign country.

Tian Qingfang, consul of the Education Office of Consulate-General of China in Melbourne, was present at the ceremony where he congratulated everyone on the establishment of the center.



ECNU and La Trobe University sign an MoU.

In his speech, vice president Wang discussed the honor felt by ECNU faculty and students. East China Normal University is privileged to engage ourselves in this new extension of our longstanding partnership with La Trobe University,” said the ECNU vice president, adding, “which dates back to the mid-1980s.  

We believe this new joint research hub will serve as an excellent platform for scholarly exchange, reaping mutual benefits for both universities. There will be more active academic exchanges and collaboration via this conduit, and bring forth fruitful world-class outcomes.

Vice president Dewar followed up with his own speech. That makes two of us, he said. Then in response to vice president Wang's remarks on the two univerisites’ closer co-operation, he stated his high expectations for expanding on multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary initiatives.



Representatives from ECNU and La Trobe University hold a meeting on the operation of the new facility.

In a following meeting, both sides exchanged views on China's One Belt One Road Initiative, implementing the Chinese academia going global strategy and promoting the international + action plan proposed by the 13th ECNU Party Congress.  

ECNU has advocated vigorously for the construction of overseas China research centers since 2018. For example, the university has planned within the next three years to set up such centers in four major cities and in one area of Central Asia. As of now, there are ECNU China research centers in Budapest, New York and Central Asia.

The research hub anticipates everything from joint-research projects to joint-exchange programs for its junior scholars, including workshops, seminars, researcher visits and annual public lectures by eminent scholars in Melbourne and Shanghai. It is expected to serve as a window to mutual growth for the people of China and Australia.  

The newly established research hub will launch a special research project, to be applied for by scholars from both sides respectively - with China-related issues as the main content - in order to carry out academic research in humanities and social sciences. Additionally, increased academic exchanges between scholars of both sides would lead to more lectures, seminars, BBS, exhibitions of research results and many other aspects of co-operation, including joint publication of academic papers and joint training of doctoral students.



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