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ECNU Publishes “Fresh Style” Book on Garbage Classification

Date: March 1, 2019

The first unified version of the Shanghai Household Garbage Classification Brochures were jointly published by East China Normal University, Shanghai Greening City Bureau, and Shanghai Education Council. The brochures have 3 volumes—the version for kindergarten infants, primary school pupils, and middle school students. In adjusting to the cognitive abilities and classifying students by reading habits at different ages, the work intends to make the scientific knowledge about garbage classification more popular and fun for young readers.


Garbage Classification.


Shanghai Household Garbage Classification Brochures.





Garbage Classification for children adopts the narrative of a garbage baby who tries to find out where he should be to present the ideas of “no littering” and “classifying garbage”. The book personified four kinds of garbage bins and made cartoon cards to introduce the four categories of garbage, helping the children read and memorize garbage classification through joyful reading.


Brochures for children.


Shanghai Household Garbage Classification Brochures (for primary school students) not only introduces the problems and damages garbage bring into society, but also knowledge about the advantages of garbage classification, recycling methods, and specific methods of garbage classification. In the end, it reaffirms the importance of classifying garbage in various places and the correct ways for primary students to do so.

Shanghai Household Garbage Classification Brochures (for middle school students) adds onto the content with the meaning of classifying wet garbage, advanced strategies of garbage classification in developed countries, and related laws and regulations regarding garbage classification. In line with the basis of brochures for primary school students, helping middle school students have a deeper understanding of the values of garbage classification on sustainable development of environment and society remains a key objective.


Brochures for middle school students.


This set of brochures first published 1000 copies, later adding another 10,000 copies. Agreements have been made by Shanghai Greening City Bureau and Shanghai Education Council that these brochures should be sent to certain schools in garbage classification pilot zones. In order to embody the ecological concept of recycling, the books are to be passed around in libraries for them to be consumed and reused for reading purposes.



Books are to be passed around in libraries.


In the process of editing, the project team consulted the highest international standard, mainly employing the textbooks and brochures in Japan, Germany, Sweden, Swiss, France, Singapore, and Australia as references, and also drew helpful experience from sources in Taiwan.



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