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ECNU Vocalist Stages Solo Concert to Pay Tribute to the Motherland

Date: May 15, 2019

10 May, ECNU's young vocalist Prof. Xu Jie had a solo concert at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall on the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.


Prof. Xu Jie has a solo concert at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall.


Prof. Xu is an assistant professor of the ECNU School of Music and member of the Zhigong Party - a non-communist political party with about 20,000 members - in China. The performance paid tribute to the Chinese Mainland by singing patriotic songs with exquisite skills and passion. It was called: Singing the most beautiful songs to praise you, China.

Both a stage performer and a vocalist professor, Prof. Xu has devoted her career to Chinese folk songs and operas. She has developed ample experience in stage performance, being honored with multiple awards and playing prominent roles in classic operas and solo concerts in recent years.

This concert is a tribute to my country,” said Prof. Xu. “In a time that is as beautiful as a song. Let's salute to the classics.


Prof. Xu is an assistant professor of the ECNU School of Music,  young vocalist and member of the Zhigong Party.


Songs extol China's struggle course

For the concert opener, the majestic symphony Ode to the Red Flag displayed the heroic, revolutionary spirit of the Chinese people. The familiar melody was accompanied with passionate singing, which not only aroused the audience's patriotism but eulogized its thriving prosperity under the guidance of the red flag of the Chinese Mainland.

In praising the revolutionary Chinese nation, the concert took the forms of solos, duets and choir to present the struggle to its listeners. The biggest treat was when Prof. Xu inspired the crowd with her heartfelt passion and beautiful vocals.


Prof. Xu inspires the crowd with her heartfelt passion and beautiful vocals.


In songs like My Motherland and Ode to Coral, these revolutionary songs have praised the picturesque landscape of China, with its industrious and brave people leading against the struggle. Two other famous songs - from the opera “Sister Jiang” - recalled Chinese people's attitudes during the glorious years of national revolution, Sewing a Red Flag and Song of Red Plum.

Next up The Story of Spring relived the start of China’s new reform and opening up, while Fishwomen of the Yellow River praised Chinese people's perseverance through the painstaking measures of life.

Finally, the song Today is Your Birthday expressed Chinese people's wish for peace and prosperity.

Students of the ECNU School of Music sang classic songs cheerfully at the concert, including Our Life is Full of Sunshine and Nanniwan.


Prof. Xu's students are on the stage.


Off-campus concert demonstrates Shanghai spirit and marks 70th anniversary

To mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Shanghai, more than 500 ECNU faculty and students attended an off-campus concert created by teachers and students of the Music School. The concert passed on enthusiasm to the audience, unfolded the elegant demeanor of people in modern society and displayed the Shanghai spirit of its profound cultural background and long history.

Our school has been exploring innovative forms of ideological and political education. And this concert is a good attempt to integrate the concept of cultural education with practice,” declared Prof. Xu. “We hope the concert would be conducive to helping refine professional skills of the young students and encouraging them to forge ahead, be patriotic and form righteous ideals.”


Huayun Choir from the Department of Music at ECNU


Sun Yue, a member of the choir, could not conceal her excitement after the concert. I'm honored to be part of this significant concert in celebration of the 70th birthday of New China,” she exclaimed. “When the revolutionary songs echoed in the concert hall, I felt like I was brought back to those hard times when the revolutionaries sacrificed their precious lives in exchange for the happy life we are enjoying today. I'm deeply touched. We will carry forward the spirit of patriotism.”

Li Jingshu, a doctoral student of 2016 Class of the School of Communication, was also among the audience during the moments of patriotic sentiments. I think music has an imperceptible influence on people,” said Li. “While enjoying the songs, we can naturally get the core idea they try to convey - to be patriotic and strive unremittingly.

Big time musicians add glamour to the concert

Unexpected performances by Liao Changyong, a famous baritone and president of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and Lu Jihong, a famous tenor, was a joyous moment for the audience. With the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra as the back-up band, famous young conductor Zhang Liang and anchorman Zhang Mingquan presided over the concert.



Lu Jihong, a famous tenor, brings a wonderful performance.


The songs Our Populace and Soldiers' 2nd Hometown, by Lu Jihong, received high praise. Liao Changyong’s soul-stirring Yearning about the praise of the Chinese people's dream for great rejuvenation, highlighted the leadership of the CPC in China’s history. Prof. Xu also took to the stage with them, for songs Meet in Yurt and Never Forget Why You Started.

The concert wrapped up with the audience, in unison, waving the five-star red flag and singing My Motherland and Me.



Liao Changyong, a famous baritone and president of Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


My Motherland and Me in unison.


In the end, it was a spectacular night reliving the twists and turns of China's development in the past 70 years; the audience were able to reflect on the old times and look to the bright future.

The concert was hosted by Shanghai Committee of China Zhigong Party, the Publicity Department of ECNU CPC Committee and the Music School, while being supported by Mingyuan Group and the Culture Construction Committee of ECNU.



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