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ECNU Water Sports Association Establishes Near Liwa River

Date: May 15, 2019

On May 8, the Water Sports Association of ECNU (ECNUWSA) was officially established as a sports entity of ECNU. Alongside ECNU’s amazing Liwa river, the coaching staff of ECNUWSA did a wonderful performance with their paddle boards and kayaks.





Members of ECNUWAS performs on the river.


There are flowing rivers that extend through both campuses - Zhongbei and Minhang - of ECNU, which explains the emotional attachment felt by ECNUers irrespective of the large distance setting them apart from each other.


The inaugural ceremony of ECNUWSA.


After the inaugural ceremony, professional athletes performed yoga exercises with paddle boards on front lawn of the ECNU library. They even showed members of ECNUWSA how to save themselves in case of an emergency or accidentally falling into the water.



Yoga exercises with paddle boards.


There are currently 60 members participating in extracurricular activities designed to help them keep fit, relieve stress and conduct their work with an energetic spirit.

ECNUWSA now holds activities such as water safety education, paddle boarding and kayaking. Later, it intends to organize tryouts for the university’s dragon boat team in preparation for the dragon boat competition held in Shanghai annually.



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