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First Campus Food Festival

Date: December 2, 2016


The 1st Food Festival of Shanghai Lixin University of Finance and Economics was held at noon on 12ember 2 in No. 2 Canteen in Lixin Pudong Campus, attended by Party Secretary Li Shiping, President Tang Haiyan, Vice Director Nan Shaohua of Logistics and Security Division of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Director Ji Wenjiong of Logistics Division of Shanda University, Director Gu Xiyun of Lixin Logistics Management Division, and General Manager Xie Yucheng of Lixin Logistics Service Center. Vice Director Nan Shaohua gave a speech on the event. The festival aimed to advocate healthy food ideas, guide campus food trend and enable in-depth understanding to our campus catering culture by all faculty members and students. The festival was hosted by the Logistics Management Division and undertaken by School of Finance and Public Administration. 

During the event, canteen operators demonstrated nearly 200 Chinese cuisines, special snacks, western cakes, fruit drinks and other diversified healthy foods, totaling five specialties, for on-site tasting by the faculties and students. A food street is established around the periphery of the canteen, arousing a hot atmosphere for the festival by providing delicious roasted lamb and exquisite snacks. More than 1000 faculties and students participated in the event. 

In addition to enjoying the delicious food, a special student event was also arranged in the previous day, on which food knowledge competition, assorted fresh fruit dishes, food guess, blindfolded cake eating and other activities were elaborately organized by School of Finance and Public Administration, attracting wide participation, enriching campus culture, enabling the students to experience the pleasure from food culture and also the charm from campus catering culture. 





















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