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Foreign Students Contest in Volleyball Tournament of Capital Universities in CUC

Date: October 24, 2018

CUC volleyball team (in red) competing with Beihang University volleyball team (in white)


Judge working through the whole tournament


A Volleyball Tournament of Capital Universities (Group B & Group C) kicked off here at CUC gymnasium on October 13. Volleyball players and enthusiasts gathered at CUC gymnasium to represent their universities. The game started with full of passion and excitement. Also, there were some foreign students on teams whose performances were eye-catching. 

Want to know more about their skills and experience? Come on, let’s get closer to them!

At the beginning of the day, we came across a Russian student named Troshin Nikolai, who is a first-year doctoral student at Capital Normal University. During his undergraduate, he started to learn volleyball in Harbin and joined the volleyball team during his master period. It was the second time that he took part in volleyball games. As he said, "I am really crazy about volleyball and I have seen much progress of myself through years of training." He had been to Communication University of China once to take part in this volleyball match. This time, he has confidence and hopes to exploit the advantages to the full.


Troshin expressing his joy for volleyball to our reporter


Mama Liedtke, an energetic girl from Poland, was on the volleyball team of Beijing Institute of Technology. She has been part of the team since she was in her first semester and this is the third semester there. Actually, Mama has been learning volleyball for ten years since she was a young girl. “I just love volleyball. In Poland, I spent at least 10 hours a week on practicing it. Now I even love it much deeper since I came to China. I just enjoy playing volleyball with these girls,” pointing to her teammates, she said.


Liedtke feels energetic in the volleyball game


It is really a delightful experience for Mama to be part of the team and be friends of her teammates. Talking about her expectation to the match, Mama said she hardly had time to think about it. “I am totally worn out,” she replied. 

Futura is from Italy, and she started to play volleyball at the age of four influenced by her mother. She played professional volleyball for around seven years in her country, from which she accumulated much experience and skills. It's the third year for her in China and her second year in the CUC volleyball team. She enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of playing in the team, and all the players of the team tried to build a familial environment. Last year girls from CUC won the gold medal of Volleyball Tournament of Capital Universities, "This year we are confident to win again,"Futura said.


In the very first match of the tournament, Futura performed excellently as usual


Oleksii, a Ukrainian player shining on the team of Beihang University, has been part of the team for three years since his studying in China. “Actually, both my parents are volleyball lovers, so it is natural for me to develop an interest in playing it since I was ten,” he said expressing his admiration for CUC's new volleyball court.


Though a powerful hitter he was in the match, Oleksii is easygoing personally


Do you want to get a glimpse of these excellent foreign players? Do you want to yell for players of CUC? Do you still want to feel the excitement of the volleyball game? Here is your chance! Several more matches of Volleyball Tournament of Capital Universities will be held on next weekend in the volleyball gym (near the North Gate) and CUC Student Activities Center. Come and cheer up for them!



Many volleyball players from capital universities take part in the tournament



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